Over the Cliff

This Sunday rushed into existence with Wifey and Mimma weeding the front bank. What started out as a simple few hours of weeding transformed into a morning chore of making the outside of the house look passable. That process was well overdue… well over do indeed. I joined them about 1.5 hours into their effort because I needed some more sleep. So the morning was all about getting the front bank in order, but the afternoon… the afternoon was important for other reasons.

Sunday afternoon, Wifey and I took a step off the cliff that is known as kitchen remodeling. We are extending our kitchen into the existing sunroom, turning the old kitchen into a office or breakfast nook and adding a half bath to the downstairs. Luckily this can all be done in stages, so we can at least breathe a sigh of relief. There is a strong chance that we can have most of the work accomplished in a relatively short period of time. Please let it be a relatively short period of time. The good news is that we are staging the work such that we can do pieces at a time.

Anyway… yesterday we ordered the new bank of windows for the kitchen. Now we need to see about ordering a new back door and a skylight, cabinets, countertops… Oh, the pain…

Because some of you will ask: The weekend started with a nice dinner with the parents. It was at California Pizza Kitchen and quite tasty. Oddly, the ‘Rents talked about their financial situation the entire night, and by “talked” I really mean bragged. They are quite happy with their financial predicament, and rightly so, but when I ask if they could hand me an extra napkin I don’t mean “So what is the status of all your assets?” I honestly just need the extra napkin because Little Man dropped some pasta. When I say, “Wow, this pizza sure is tasty today.” I am not asking, “So how did the return on your investments go?”

Side note: Little Man is somehow fascinated with restaurant restrooms. He “needs” to go pee at least 4 times a meal. I don’t get it. The only thing I can figure out is that he enjoys watching Papa’s food get cold. He is mean like that.

To recap:
If I remember, I’ll get before and after shots of the kitchen
Don’t hold your breath though
I am not rememberating thingies very well these days
Heroes starts up tonight
I need some sleep
Boy do I need some sleep
Different sentence than:
Boy, do I need some sleep?
More card related questions tomorrow
It will be a hoot
A hoot I say, a Hoot!