20 Questions Tuesday: 63 - Morning

It is Tuesday again and time for some more 20 questions. The fine folk that I work with are completely cut off from the blog… makes me contemplate talking about them. However there are still a few of them that play from home, so that is a no go. (Just kidding guys, I would never talk bad about you… really).

The topic for today is Morning. I am not a morning person, so this should be interesting. Thanks this week go to TheMikeStand, Tree Monkey, Dustin, Nadolny, and JW. On to the questions.

1. Simon & Garfunkel's "Morning Has Broken", or Sheena Easton's "Morning Train" -- which would you rather hear for a week straight emanating from your clock radio at 5:30 AM?
Why on God’s green earth am I getting up at 5:30am for 7 days straight? If I had to choose I would go with Sheena Easton. She is waaaay hotter than Simon and/or Garfunkle.

2. What is the worst or most embarrassing mistake you've made (at work or otherwise) that you had to blame on morning brain?
I am sure there are blunders and gaffs as a direct result of my morning cognition, but through the miracle of denial and repression, I cannot recall any.

3. Have you ever woken up in the wee hours of the morning (like, say, 3AM) and mistakenly started your morning routine several hours too early?
Once, you don’t make that mistake twice. The issue I have is that a shower tends to wake me up. I was awake waaaay too early that day.

4. What is it with morning radio hosts (public radio excepted)? Do you think they're all on amphetamines, or just that annoying naturally? Seriously, those people should be shot.
I think they are annoying naturally and that is pretty much the only job they can get because they are so damned annoying. I don’t understand why it is acceptable by humanity at large to allow those people to darken my radio dial.

5. If you had your choice, what time in the morning would you prefer to wake up?
10 am

6. What is your favorite breakfast food? What's your favorite morning food?
I like me some French toast something fierce. It is best if there has been a light dusting of powdered sugar on it and a hint of cinnamon in the batter.

7. Is Little Man a morning person?
I would say that he is kind of a morning person. He wakes up anywhere between 6:45 am and 7:30 am every day, but is not given to super late sleeping in or super early wake times typically.

8. How do you wake up? By Little Man, radio, buzzer, etc?
Typically these days I wake up via Little Man jumping on me. Pre-Little Man: radio alarm. Pre-Wifey: buzzer.

9. Favorite morning weather (fog, sun, rain, snow, etc.)?
Unless I am driving, I love the fog in the morning.

10. Best morning reading material?
Morning is too early to read.

11. Do you like the Oasis album “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?”
I don’t own any Oasis stuff not necessarily because I do not like their music. I don’t own it because they really think they are THAT good. I cannot be feeding into that kind of ego with my hard earned money.

12. If you woke up one morning and it was raining donuts…would you see that as a “glass half full situation?”

I believe at that point the cup runeth over

13. Describe the difference in the traffic patterns at 530am in the morning versus normal rush hour.
At 5:30 am there is nary a vehicle on the road and most traffic lights are still on the night “blink” cycle. Normal rush hour just has more traffic and therefore much more delay. It all goes back to queuing theory.

14. How many times have you mooned people? (mooning is only one letter away from morning you know).
I don’t think I have ever mooned anyone. If I have it was completely unintentional and I shall apologize profusely here and now in this more or less public forum. “To those of you who might have had the unfortunate occasion to view my unclad pale bum, I am so sorry for any mental pain and anguish I have caused.”

15. Coffee, mountain dew, tea, or another beverage of choice for morning wake up?
Mountain Dew and not those punk ass 12oz cans or the wimpy 20oz bottles. Nope, I consume the 24oz variety for my wake up call. The extra 4oz are the 4oz of wake up.

16. What is Little Man’s morning routine?
Well, he wakes up and yells for either Papa or Momma (usually Papa) then he comes into our bedroom and sits down between Wifey and I so he can watch DVD’s or something on the TV until we really wake up about 20 minutes later. Then he usually sends Mamma down to fetch him his breakfast. He eats his breakfast on our bed, and then gets dressed and heads downstairs. It seems that our bed is his staging area.

17. Ok. You’re a dad, so my question is- Will my son EVER let me sleep until at least 8 in the morning on my days off again?
Not for a while. Sprout will need to become a bit more independent before he allows you to sleep in. Then he will still be getting up and just doing his own thing. Sometimes that seems scarier.

18. What morning factors ensure a good day for you? (Don't forget that your blog is rated "PG")
Being able to go back to bed. Sometimes being able to go back to sleep is even better than sleeping in.

19. The lovely wife asks, "What was the earliest you've ever gotten up on Christmas morning?"
Hmmm… probably 7 am. My parents had a rule that we could not head down for Christmas Morning festivities until after 8.

20. When was the last time you and Wifey watched morning occur?
It has been a long long time since we have actually watched a sunrise.

To recap:
I feel like I am being pulled in several different directions
And none of the directions lead to the Cheesecake Factory
That makes me sad
None of them seem to go past a Krispy Kreme either
Pretty much those paths don’t lead anywhere sugar filled
My brother should be in the Green Zone tomorrow
Capt. McArmypants is still in Afghanistan
I am traveling to Charleston, West Virginia tomorrow
That ought to be insanely boring
3.5 hours of driving
One way
Then after the meeting…
3.5 hours driving on the way home