20 Questions Tuesday: 64 - Oh, Canada

Since Wifey and I went on an impromptu trip to Cananada (misspelled on porpoise), I figured a good topic for today would be Cananananada.

So without further ado, Thanks this week go to Tree Monkey, Belsum, Dr B-Dawg, J A Coppinger, ACW, Lsig, and Lord Pithy.

On to the questions:

1. a)Why does everyone up there say “AH”? b)When ya'll talked to those Canadians, did you notice that they all talked funny? Is it because they all wear dentures due to hockey accidents as children? c) Why do all Canadians say "eh" at the end of each phase?
a) “Ah” is what you say at the doctor and/or dentists office. Canadians are known for adding “eh” to end of their sentences.
b) They do talk funny and it is due to the aboundance of the extraneous “U’s” that they favour in their writing. The missing teeth due to hockey related injuries is why they are ugly.
c) The “eh” at the end of sentences is really more of a polite thing, really. They are basically asking, “Do you understand what I am saying?” by using their ubiquitous “eh.” So polite… just so polite

2. Where’s the coolest place in Canada you’ve ever been and why?
I have only been to the Niagara Falls area of Canada, so that would be the coolest and the uncoolest place all at the same time.

3. Did you need a passport to get into the country? I heard they are starting to require us American’s to have one.
You do need your passport to cross now. A certified birth certificate and photo ID used to be enough, but now you need the passport.

4. Is “Canadian Bacon” the best Michael Moore film? Discuss.
I think so mainly because it has John Candy in it.

5. Which celebrities need to shut up and get the hell back to Canada?
The celebs I would like to shut up aren’t from Canada.

6. How old were you before you realized that “Strange Brew” is “Hamlet”? Did someone have to point it out to you?
Wow, I just learned that from this question. I feel naive and sheltered.

7. Which side of Niagara Falls is more conducive to romance - the American or Canadian side?
Ummm… I am married; I wouldn’t know… just kidding honey!

8. Is it true that Canadian maple leaves are actually throwing stars that grow on trees, and Canadians are secretly waiting to attack the French portions of Canada with their maple leaf throwing, ninja army?
Ixnay on the Anadiancay Injanays!

9. Is there REALLY a Canada, or is it just an American cultural myth . . . like the North Pole? Isn’t Canada really just USA North?
Canada is a real place and it is not merely a version of the US that is a wee bit north of most of the US. You can tell it is different than the US by the quality of beer production.

10. What do Canadians do in between hockey seasons?
Curling, but that is just a guess.

11. Is Canada really just like California with ice?
Nope, more like Minnesota with a bit more ice.

12. Why does Quebec want to secede?
The better question is “Why doesn’t Quebec want to succeed?”

13. a) Why the maple leaf and not a moose head for their flag/national symbol? B) I notice the Canadian flag has a leaf on it. Is it a country of Druids?
a) Duh, Moosehead is a beer and one should never confuse a beer with a flag. It just is not pretty
b) Quebec flag has four Fleur de Lice on it, but no one thinks that they are a province full of Boy Scouts, why would a leaf indicate druidity?

14. Considering our many cultural similarities, why is hockey so popular in Canada and so not here?
Honestly, I have no idea. The only thing I can think of is that the season is too long for Americans and there are too many games. The game that gets the most rabid fanbase in the US is American football (the NFL), since there are so few games and the season is not that long, each game becomes an event. It is difficult to tailgate when the game is on a Tuesday evening.

15. When was your first-ever visit to Canada?
When I was 13… I was curious and it seemed harmless at the time…

16. Cage match! Two Canadians enter, one leaves: William Shatner or Shania Twain. Who you got?
Shania takes Shatner 2 of 3 falls, but Shatner would own her the first round just because he fights dirty.

17. Why the hell don't Canadian geese stay in Canada? I hate them so much.
Cause it gets cold up there! If I were a bird I would not stay up there. Freeze my damn ass feathers off…

18. Why do they keep exporting their damn quarters to the states?
I think they mainly do it because while they are inordinately polite and law-abiding, they are also a little passive aggressive and hold a grudge.

19. On what do they base their sense of superiority: national health care or reputation for peace?
Are these the only choices? Cause the relative stability of their currency seems to be up there at the moment. Remember when going to Canada was like buying everything at a fire sale? It is alll 30% off.

20. Oh, Canada!
Frankly, this statement makes me feel a little dirty.

To recap:
So many questions about Canada
I have enough to push this to next week as well
Except that next week is the Blogaversary
So next week will be about the Blogaversary
Then the following week will be Oh, Canada part Deux
Not sure what will be for dinner tonight
I have bunches of stuff to do
I am missing some software to do it
I am lacking training on the missing software to do it
These two “lacks” make for some hard work later this weekend
I did mention that the Blogaversary is in one week, right?