Just a recap

Since I have been incapable to come up with a topic today (5 pitiful attempts: about the kitchen, weather, my blogaversary, about some work crap, and about some stuff at home) I shall just give you (all 4 of you) a big old recap.

To Recap:
Only a recap today
Calendars are fickle beasts
Colanders are something you can believe in
Don’t bring a plastic knife to a toy gun fight
You can, however, bring a real knife to a toy gun fight
Not sure what we are having for dinner tonight
One of the problems with living in the area I live in is that after a strong rain there is a significant amount of water in the basement floor
It usually takes an evening to clean the water up
Wifey did it in an afternoon
She’s a badass
No other way to slice it
Wifey = Badass
I am slowly running out if the vitamins and supplements I am supposed to take
The list of what I am recommended to take: magnesium, B-12, glucosimine, fish oil, and a multivitamin
The list of what I have left in the vitamin jar: magnesium and a multi-vitamin
I should really keep on top of the supplements, they do actually help
Can you believe I have been blathering here for almost 3 years?
3 years minus 6 days actually
You see, my Blogaversary is this upcoming Tuesday
At that point my blog will be 3
Presents anyone?
Too bad blogging really is soooo 3 years ago
If I were with it and hip I would be doing crap on Facebook and Myspace
I have never been able to get into those sites
Primarily because my work blocks them
Tomorrow’s Digital Thursday shall be somewhat Halloween related
Why? Because I can
I have all sorts of ideas in my noggin right now
Creative ones that will never see the light of day
I have about 15 minutes before I get to go home
I wish I had more to write about
But alas and alack
That is not the case
It seems I am a bit tapped for topics
I will go into elaborate detail about my images tomorrow