Digital Thursday

Not much to show for Digital Thursday. It is even more lackluster when you realize that I am posting at 9pm. Oh well.

First up is a finished piece highlighting the Wonder Twins from the late 70’s and early 80’s classic cartoon The Superfriends. I tried, albeit a bit unsuccessfully, to give them a serious edge like they had to go rescue Gleek or something. There is some wonky anatomy going on and some truly ridiculous footwear, but other than that I am overall happy with how they turned out.

Second up is a work in process of a Wonder Woman piece I am working on. Think that you are looking at her just after she has knocked you on your butt. You are looking up at her uncoiling the lasso of truth after kicking your ass. Why she kicked your ass in a forest is a different question entirely. I don’t know what it is about me and odd perspectives these days. I guess it is because I never even attempted them as a kid.

Oh well, that’s all I got. I was going to whip up a barbarian named Webinar, but that just wasn’t in the cards today.

To Recap:
The company is having a hog roast for lunch tomorrow
My company confuses me
I need to clean up the kitchen some
Orapred is in full effect
Have a great weekend everyone