20 Questions Tuesday: 66 - Oh Canada, 2

Here we are, back to the normal events of the week. There is no bloagaversary to get in the way of normal posting. So we are going back to the 20 Questions Tuesday category of Canada.

Thanks this week need to go to Bomber, JW, Capt McArmypants, and some random folk at the office.
On to the questions:

1. Which pronunciation do you prefer "zee" or "zed"?
Zed is both how the Canucks pronounce the letter and the numeral “0.” I like Zed for “0” but not for “Z.”

2. Favorite provence? (quick, name one!)
I have only ever been to Ontario, so I would have to go with that one. Okay without reference Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories. How did I do? Well let me see…. Nunavut is the territory I forgot. Not bad for a Yank.

3. Molson or Moosehead?
Molson, but only because I don’t think I have had a Moosehead. My roommate freshman and sophomore years at Kent was a hockey player and it seems that at least in Kent, Ohio Molson was the choice of the Canadian hockey players.

4. Do we blame Canadians for Tim Horton's or thank them?
I think we thanks them for Timbits but c\blame them for horrible maple frosting. That stuff is hideous and that used to be one of my favorite doughnuts ever

5. Hottest Canadian superstar? (Alannis, Shania, Pam Anderson,...)
Hmmm… I haven’t really thought of where people are from that I find hot. Surprising I nknow, you would think I would have made a map of it. Let’s see… I can’t really do a Google search for “Canadian Hottie” without running into an inordinate amount of porn, so I will go with Elisha Cuthbert.

6. How'd you like wearing the funny plastic rain ponchos on the "Maiden of the Mist"
Fasionable yet cheap.

7. You DID ride on the Maiden of the Mist... Right?
We were lucky enough to get there 4 days before it shut down for the season. It really makes the trip more worth while. There is no better way to experience the power of the falls (safely) than to take the boat into the plunge pool area of the Horseshoe Falls.

8. How much of Strange Brew was actually filmed in Canada eh?
I am going to guess on this one since I cannot find this information anywhere. I will go with 80% in Canada with pick-ups done in LA.

9. Are lumberjacks a product of Canada?
Their greatest export. They do export them, right?

10. Am I the only person in the world (aside from Canada) that enjoyed SCTV?
Nope, but bunches of folk don’t even realize it exists. Lots of big names from SCTV.

11. Canadians seem to don't litter. Why is this? Are they dead inside or something?
I find this amount of cleanliness a bit distressing as well. They also don’t tend to jaywalk either. Very odd bunch. Like laws are meant to be followed or something. If they didn’t go higher than the speed limit I would question their humanity.

12. "Blogaversary" So in Canada is this not considered a really really lame word mainly used by "hosers"?
Your wording is a bit confusing in the question. You negate the question prior to asking. Are you saying that you don’t think “Blogaversary” is a cool word? How about when I put “Third” in front of it like this: “Third Blogaversary”

13. So, there a bunch of Sasquatch up there in the Canadian Rockies?
If they exist anywhere, that is where I bet we would find them.

14. What is the difference between a Sasquatch and a Bigfoot?
Bigfoot is a colloquial term used as a more “common” name. Who wants to write out Sasquatch when they can write Bigfoot.

15. Why the long O?
I am not sure why American words that are typically pronounced with the “oo” or “ou” sounds get a long “o” sound instead. Any Canadians wanna tackle this one?

16. Ummm… Moosejaw? Seriously… Moosejaw?
I know. WTF?!?! Then again many of the states have stupid named cities as well. Burnt Corn, Alabama comes to mind.

17. Why does Canadian money look like the money found in the American game Monopoly? Is Milton Bradley trying to subvert our children?
It is a subtle ploy by Milton Bradley, but one should expect nothing but subtlety from Canadian co-conspirators unless of course Milton Bradley is a Canadian company and then this question is completely moot.

18. Pourquoi, ne sont pas les questions également en Français ?
Parce que, Les Etats Unis ne sont pas bilingue… ou “Pourquoi pas.”

19. What is the greatest Canadian invention?
The zipper.

20. Why is it called Canada?
“Canada” is a bastardization of the Iroquoian word for “Village” or “Settlement.”

To recap:
Still not sleeping great in the SRH household
I need to get back to the work stuff
So not a long recap today
In fact a very short recap
I promise that you will get a real post tomorrow