O to the R to the A to the PRED


So this weekend was a flurry of breathing treatments and rampant coughing from the 4 year old. Things started on Friday afternoon and just deteriorated from there.


On Friday Little Man’s breathing took a dip for the worse. He started coughing more and more and since he has “cough variant” asthma Wifey and I both knew what was going on. ‘Tis the silly season for asthma in the SRH household and the silly season has decided to hit for full effect this weekend.

Every year when the weather turns from summer to more fall-ish (autumnal?) weather Little Man’s breathing takes a hit. By “hit” I mean a “clocker to the noggin.” It has something to do with the radical shift in temperatures, the relative shift in humidity, the amount of leaf mold / vegetative rot in the air, and supreme powers that be deciding to test the limits of Little Man’s parents. It doesn’t seem, however, that Clan SRH is alone in this matter either.

In mid to late September I notice through the magic of this blog’s sitemeter that many of the random referrals I get tend to be about Orapred, or as we refer to it in our house “The ‘Pred.” This is a topic I have touched on before and I am not going to go into great detail about the medicine because I am not a doctor nor am I a pharmaceutical rep trying to hock wares. What I will mention about the Pred is that it tastes nasty. Is it that difficult to mask the hideous flavor of the medicine? Mountain Dew, Redbull, Jolt, and other heavily caffeine laden drinks hide the insanely bitter taste of caffeine, but The Pred has to taste like you are licking a medicine pop withy the lovely antiseptic aftertaste. It is supposedly “grape flavored.” I guess it is if “grape flavored” means tastes like “licking an ashtray.” I do have to say though the name brand version of Orapred ™ is much better than the generic. I swear the generic version tastes like distilled horse ass (or what I imagine distilled horse ass would taste like). Anyway… in mid to late September the Google searches for Orapred start up in earnest. I continue to get about 3 hits a day on search strings for Orapred related queries until late February and early March. So at least Wifey and I can take solace in the fact that we are not alone.

So Saturday it gets worse, and Saturday really becomes a battle between the Asthma and Casa De SRH sleep. Asthma won that battle. Sunday afternoon we call our pediatrician office to talk with the Dr on call. Little man’s doctor’s office doesn’t even need to see us now prior to prescribing the Pred. Of the 5 docs there, 3 recognize that we are on a really aggressive asthma regimen and can be counted on to have been doing his treatments correctly, we haven’t dealt with (to my knowledge) one of the remaining doctors and the other one we don’t like for various reasons.

So yesterday afternoon, Little Man got hit with 13 cc’s of the Pred, and Wifey and I figured at least the cough will go away and we can sleep. Around 12:30 last night the coughing started up again, and now we are on 3 nights minimal sleep. I am rather caffeinated and Wifey is running on adrenaline only since caffeine gives her headaches. Little Man and Wifey will be seeing the Dr at 11:50 today and hopefully we can get a handle on this flare up.

To recap:
Little Man discovered a love of Ritz crackers this weekend
The buttery taste of Ritz? Those crackers contain no dairy
That ain’t butter? It is a bit scary to think that
I am tired of giving breathing treatments
Hey…. Wait a second, I am just plain tired
More Canada stuff tomorrow
If a cow and a horse were to**This just in we interrupt your regularly scheduled recap for this Little Man ailment recap update**
Wifey just got back from the Dr’s office with Little Man
Looks like it is most likely some kind of virus
The virus is causing the coughing
The coughing is not helping the asthma
He is going on a bunch of different OTC meds today
**back to our regularly scheduled recap already in progress**
and the lobster was with the octopus
What’s up with that?