20 Questions Tuesday: 67 - What were we thinking?!?!

It is 20 Questions Tuesday again, and since the big news from last week came out, I figured that today’s 20 questions would be all about “What in the world were you thinking?”

Thanks this week go to Dustin, Lsig, ACW, JA Coppinger, Peefer, and JW.

To the questions:

1. Are you trying to start an Army?
I will rely on my cult of personality to create an army… the people’s army.

2. I heard that children make good workers (mending socks, plowing fields, etc.). Was this your motivation?
I am so tired of taking out the trash… so, so tired

3. Is it because you wanted to name Little Man “Megatron,” but Wifey vetoed….so you think you’ll have better luck with the second one?
Oddly enough, Capt McArmypants has already started calling this one Voltron. I think that shall be vetoed in the end though. Personally I am lobbying for ROM, the Space Knight.

4. Are you concerned that with the dropping value of the dollar that you’ll need to live off the future salaries of two children as opposed to one?
I hadn’t thought of it, but that does make some fiscal sense.

5. Has Little Man been informed? What was his reaction?
Not yet. We are starting slowly with Little Man for 2 reasons. Reason 1: he doesn’t adapt to change extremely quickly. Reason 2: when he is ready he is impatient. So… so far we have started talking to him about siblings and pointing out people who are brothers and sisters. Soon we will begin talking to him about his becoming a brother.

6. Does this mean that Wifey is going to start blogging again?
That decision is between Wifey and her blog.

7. Do you anticipate an incremental or exponential increase to the chaos with the addition of Child Part II?

8. How will the little man learn to share?
He will have to, and that is “how.”

9. You realize that you could, potentially, make CPT McArmypants a guardian of two?! Scary...
The world trembles, but not as much as Capt McArmypants.

10. Any feeling as to whether the little one is a boy or girl? Will you wait to find out (hope so)?
Will this one be a boy or a girl? Yes, this one will be a boy or a girl. If we can find out, we will. It all depends on how the little one will be positioned during the ultrasound.

11. Did you ever imagine a lovely woman would be silly enough to want your child TWICE?
Not in a million years.

12. Did you take the news with a cheer of joy, or a 9-1-1 call for “Man down, not breathing” ?
It was a joyful thing. This was a long and unfortunately drawn out process.

13. If it’s a daughter, will you call her “Little Woman”?
For the blog purposes, yes.

14. You’re not a big fan of sleeping, are you?
That is one of the issues. I really am a big fan of sleeping. In fact, I am a big fan of sleeping with a fan. Well, I am a big fan of sleeping with a fan on, not necessarily fornicating with a fan. I mean if you get your jollies from “doing a fan” more power to you, but merely use my fans to push air around the rooms in the house.

15. Congratulations. If a butterfly can allegedly cause a hurricane, what do you expect from the chaos of another child in the house?
Solar flares

16. Congratulations. You have no idea ... do you realize you have no idea?
I… I have no idea.

17. Congratulations. Why didn't you just ask for one of mine?
Ummm… How to put this delicately? You have already ruined yours. There we go, delicate.

18. Are you familiar with the phrase glutton for punishment?
I have heard of this phrase. Why do you mention it now?

19. How do you think Little Man will react to Wifey's physical changes?
I am sure he will point out those changes as much as he can. He doesn’t really let things go un-noticed.

20. Isn't it nice to get a redo on the stuff you may have fudged the first go round?
I don’t think that is how it works, although this kid will learn the joys of strollerdom.

To Recap:
Not sure what is for dinner tonight
Heck, I am not sure what I am having for lunch
Basically for me, meals are all up in the air today
Little Man and I went to get soup last night
It was quite the tasty treat
Wifey is awful busy these days
Have I ever mentioned that whenever I type “busy” it always ALWAYS gets typed out “busty” and I have to delete the “t”