Not enough time in the night

Last night I stayed up into the weee hours of the morning polishing up stuff for tomorrow’s Digital Thursday. I have a few tweaks I am going to try tonight to finalize the digital art that I have for tomorrow, but it is basically done, but this post is not about the relative completeness or incompleteness of material for tomorrow, today’s post is about circadian rhythms. Cicadan rhythms are really the music of summer nights in the south. The endless chorus of insects on a hot July evening could lull most people to sleep even when it is a beastly 85° F at night (that’s 29.444° C for you metricists out there and 302.5944K for the lone physicist I know. What up Dr B-Dawg? Holla holla.) Somehow I think I got off the subject here…

You see, I am a night owl of the highest degree. I don’t really start being creative or really effective at anything until around 11 pm at night. So I was doing creative stuff from about 10 pm last night until 2 am. It took me over an hour to completely unplug and decompress enough to start sleeping, and the first hour of sleep was not the soundest hour of rest I have ever had. Little Man woke my butt up this morning at 7:16 am. I am not great with the math anymore, but that does not add up to many hours of sleep for a work day. Actually it does not add up to very much sleep. The “for a work day” phrase was completely unnecessary, or as I like to say “extraneous,” because that phrase is waaaay more “neous” than it needs to be, by golly. Now where was I? Oh, yes… lack of sleep.

Here in lies the problem. I need to spend a portion of my day doing something creative (because creativity is not really looked upon as a good quality where I work). This creative outlet can take the form of a bunch of different things. I like doing the whole digital art thang. Sometimes I write. I have been doing some GD stuff on the side for Wifey. “GD” is what we like to call an acronym. The fun thing about this particular acronym is the double meaning it could take on. You see, in this instance it stands for Graphic Design, but in many self censoring circles it also stands for an acceptible way of cursing in public. So, what was I writing about? Oh, yes… My creative output can take all manner of creative forms. Well, except for writing music, playing a musical instrument (other than an iPod), or singing… or sculpture. I hate sculpting. I like looking at sculptures and marveling at how they were created, but I cannot stand doing it myself. Sculpting is fine and dandy for others to do, but it is not my cup of tea. Truth be told, my cup of tea is actually Mountain Dew, but I am, going off on a tangent here. Or was it there?

Anyway… what I am getting at is that I have a need to create stuff (not procreate, I think we all know I have done that enough), but my creativity pretty much requires me staying up late, but my child and my work require me getting up in the morning. Something is going to break, and, alas, I think it shall be me. I am exhausted today, but wildly happy about the work I have been producing.

To recap:
I am one tired puppy
I am really happy with tomorrow’s digital stuff
When I get home I will link my “deviant art” page
I need to finish up some details and then I am going to bed tonight
Probably by 11
Monsterquest is on the History channel at 10 to 11
Oooooh cryptozoologocals
I do love me some cryptozoologicals
Have I mentioned how tired I am?