20 Questions Tuesday: 68 - Thanksgiving

Here we are, 2 day prior to feasting. I feel like crap. The sinuses are well plugged up and I am being spared the sore throat merely because I am somewhat upright, but I have a post to write Damnit!

I am thankful to Nadolny, Dustin, Bomber, and JW for this week’s questions.

On to the questions:

1. Worst turkey day movie ever? (My vote is for “Blood Freak”)
I am unfamiliar with Blood Freak, but its description makes it sound horrid. There are not that many Thanksgiving movies and the only one I could vaguely recall of its existence whilst looking at IMDB was this one, but I only remember commercials for it.

2. a) Turkey chemical that makes you sleepy, fact or urban legend? B)Tryptophan – evil drug, or added turkey bonus? c)How does one fight the soothing, drowsy effects of turkey consumption? (And don't even THINK of telling me to not eat turkey!)
a) It is indeed a reality and called tryptophan
b) Added turkey bonus
c) Counter act the sleep induction with caffeine

3. Turkey or ham? (No! You can't choose both)
I choose you, Ham!

4. Stuffing in or out of the turkey?

5. Prefer the white or dark meat?
Is this a trick question?

6. Stuffing with odd things (like nuts or cranberries in it)?
Well it is clear that you have an opinion about stuffing. I like pretty much traditional stuffings. The craziest thing I think of for stuffing is adding some sausage to it.

7. Should Christmas decor be held of vehemently until after turkey day? Maybe with a shotgun?
I think Christmas décor is fine for the day after and beyond. I don’t understand the house down the street that added the Christmas themed light up inflatable yard ornaments the day after Halloween though.

8. If the funny hats the pilgrims wore came back into style, would you be out shopping for one immediately?
Nope, I am not a slave to fashion.

9. Which doth thou lovest more, mashed potatoes or stuffing?
Oh, thou dost injure me to the quick with thine rapier question. Must I chooseth between the two, or mightest I combine the two victuals into some kind of culinary infusion of stuffing and potatoes for mashing? I choose betwixt the two, for it is in the tween that mine happy turkey gravy shall pour over ere traveling past my teeth to my waiting maw.

10. When was the last time you had to sit at the “kiddie” table
I think it was 2 years ago, we have had some very geriatric Thanksgivings.

11. Whipped Cream or Ice Cream on your Pumpkin Pie?
Whipped Cream

12. What side dish is a "must have" on your Thanksgiving dinner plate?
Mashed Potatoes!

13. What food item at Thanksgiving is a definite "ut-uh" in your book? (as in, "ut-uh, no way I'm eatin' THAT!")
I do not understand the role of yams in the Thanksgiving day feast. Yams have no business being classified as food.

14. Will you nap after feasting?
If I am allowed by Little Man.

15. Who gets the drumsticks?
Whomever wants them. I am eating ham.

16. Who carves the turkey and do they use an electric knife of the old-fashioned manual instruments?
We have an electric knife that I give to my Dad when he is here. He finds it some sort of honorific, and either I do it or Mimma does it the other times (typically Mim though)

17. I mean, WHO buys Tofurkey, and really, do they have any guests for dinner?
I don’t understand that either. I understand when someone is a vegetarian or a vegan, but I don’t understand why they feel like they need to make their non-meat dishes look and taste similar to meat. Relish in your non-meatedness or eat some frikking meat. I believe most people who visit the cookers of tofurkey know that is what will be on the menu.

18. Where can I get one of those wide end barrel muskets so's I can have an authentic Pilgrim Thanksgiving?
I think the wide mouthed guns pilgrims are depicted with are a bit of a fanciful notion. The Pilgrims came with standard Flintlocks and Match locks of the day with regular, non-flared barrels.

19. Are your hands tired from making all the "finger turkeys" with lil' man?
He luckily doesn’t know what those are at the moment.

20. Canned or fresh cranberries?
If I have to have them, fresh.

To recap:
Not working tomorrow
Wifey said, and I misquote, “There is no way in Hell I am staying home with your parents by myself.”
She didn’t think my response of, “Little Man will be there…” very funny at all
I thought it was hilarious
Zicam is amazing
I am not sure who is controlling the temperature in my area of the building, but I think they need to wear a sweater of something
I am burning up here
Wifey needs more rest
That is not just me “drinkin’ the Kool Aid” either
Oh! Yeah!