3 Main Things

Well the week of Thanksgiving is upon us. So, what does that actually mean? Well, that is for you to find out for your own personal philosophy, I don’t have the answers, Man! Stop hounding me. I am just one guy! I don’t have the… wait, I was going to tell you what Thanksgiving being upon us indicates to the Casa Del SRH, now with more cilantro! Being this close to this fine Thanksgiving 2007 basically means three main things.

Main Thing the First:
There will be an inordinate amount of food prepared this week in Chez SRG (Maintenant avec plus les faux fromages!). We will be eating like kings this week. It is truly the kick off to the Holiday Feasting Season (HFS). HFS consists of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Morning, Christmas Dinner, New Year’s Eve, and New Years Day. Interspersed within those holiday meals there is fudge and cookies and breads, Oh My! Associated with that is the consumption of pre-made cartons of egg-nog and mulled cider. HFS is truly a wonder to behold. It is the time of year when you can often see the SRH fam doing a lethargic happy dance of full stomachy goodness.

Main Thing the Second:
Little Man is really getting into it this year. He is seriously looking forward to the Holidays. He understands that there are gifts to be given and more importantly, gifts to be received. He is excited to have big special meals and is looking forward to all the yummy treats that Wifey, Mim, and I have been jibber-jabbering about since Halloween. He is also really excited to see some of his extended family. This leads perfectly into…

Main Thing the Third:
Sweet giblets and gravy! My family is coming to town! Actually, my mom and dad could very well be in Columbus, even as I type this post up. They are arriving this afternoon, and not leaving until Saturday or Sunday. On top of that my nephews and their step-mom are going to be here as well. My brother would probably show as well except for the fact that he is in Iraq. Little Man is really pumped to see his cousins. In all honesty, I need to make more of an effort with my family. The nephews are good (if not emotionally needy) kids, and I feel that I should make some stronger efforts to spend time with them.

Well, those are the three things that are accompanying Thanksgiving for us this year.

To Recap:
I am sure I will want to strangle the ‘rents by noon on Thursday.
Has anybody ever heard of a JV Basketball practice held at 4 pm the Wednesday before Thanksgiving?
How about a follow up practice on the Friday after Thanksgiving at 9 am?
Something about that just seems fishy
Tomorrow’s 20 questions will be concerning Thanksgiving
In fact all week, I shall concern myself with the upcoming feast
Well, except for Thursday, that will be our regularly scheduled Digital Thursday
Oh, I am a big fan of the Irony