one... two... three... huh?

Hmmm… where to start about this past weekend. Three things to type about today.

Thing the first: I will start where most of you have most of your questions: The Family Drama.

The Family Drama seems to boil down to the ex-sister-in-law and the sister-in-law having the most craptastic abilities to communicate. It turned out being a big game of “she said/she said” where my parents automatically took the current in-law’s side. This taking of sides ended up making matters worse for us (Wifey, Little Man and me) because we had to listen to all sorts of crap from the parents. The drama went away by Thursday, so as far as drama is concerned, it wasn’t all that dramatic.

Thing the second: The holiday feast: It was absolutely lovely. Much food was consumed by all. I was able to speak with my brother who is currently in Iraq. He sounded good. He complained about his Thanksgiving meal in Iraq (2 rubbery lobster tails and some shoe-hide steak he reported). It was a nice day full of good conversation and better food. I was surprised at how long the conversations stayed away from the usual banal topics of weather or team sporting events. That was a surprising change.

Thing the third: Oh, my goodness golly goshness, my parents bought us new kitchen appliances for the kitchen remodel. I will wait here while you re-read that last sentence. Doot do do, d’doot doot, do do do doot …. Back with me? Okay, here is the deal. Wifey was looking through the Black Friday flyers that came with the paper. She came across the super-duper sale that was happening at Sears for appliances and said something like, “Hey, Sweetie? Should we buy the new kitchen appliances today since they are on such a good sale?” My response was something like, “That’s a great idea, but we just cannot afford them right now.” To which my mom said, “Get them and we will write you a check for them.”

Bwaaaa?!? So Friday during the Christmas sale extravaganzas Wifey and I got a new microwave hood, gas oven/range, dishwasher, and refrigerator… with my parents’ money. It was excellent, and completely un-expected. The motivation on my parents’ part seems to be based genuinely in affection and there aren’t any strings attached. Wifey and I still have a few questions as to how this motivation came about, but these are more about our own curiosity than a burning desire to know.

To recap:
Little Man has fallen in love with the game Tsuro
Wifey has a cold
She is pregnant and has a cold
She is pregnant, has a cold, and is exhausted
Interaction with Wifey beyond making her go to bed and making sure she has eaten is practically non-existent
Just an FYI for everyone out there
I hope to get her back in trimester 2
20 Questions Tuesday shall not have a topic