20 Questions Tuesday: 69 - No Topic

So, I am a bit tapped on topics for 20 Questions Tuesday and have decided not to have a topic for today. Basically it is a 20 Questions Free-for-All. I got questions coming at me from all sides here.

Thanks this week go to Nadolny, Dustin, Lord Pithy, and ACW. On to the questions!

1. Of you standard 20 questions submitters, what is their demographics? (i.e. friends, coworkers, family, coworkers who are friends, etc...)
This is an interesting question. I typically send out the call for questions to around 20 people. Of those 20 people, I have actually met 10. 14 are male. 10 have kid/s. (as far as I know) 6 would be considered to be older than me (more than 5 years), 3 would be considered younger (more than 5 years), and the rest would be considered to be right around the same age (within 5 years). 2 are non-US residents, but all my current questioneers are from North America. I guess I should let folk know who would like to be questioneers to email me via the email in my profile.

2. The war in Iraq, better covered by CNN, BBC or the Daily Show?
At this point? The Daily Show

3. If hippos were a different color, would they be easier to hunt? (I can see the picture now).
That depends on the color.

4. Why 20 Questions? I mean, as a self proclaimed lazy bastage, wouldn't ten be easier?
20 Questions has a cultural connotation because of the game called “20 Questions.” I should make my first question each week, “Is it bigger than a breadbox?”

5. Seeing as I am also lazy, I refuse to give you a fifth question today.
Completely understandable.

6. New Iron Man movie coming out with Robert Downey Jr.: Should I get my hopes up?
Well, let’s see. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is a super-rich guy with substance abuse issues. However will Robert Downy Jr relate? It could be good. I am keeping myself from going all fanboy on it though, I have been burned before.

7. Stuffing or Mashed Potatoes, which is superior?
Mashed Potatoes for the everyday consumption, yet stuffing can be excellent on occasion. 2 out of 3 falls to mashed potatoes.

8. What is the difference between smashed and mashed potatoes?
Smashed potatoes rarely have any extra liquid added to them to smooth them out. They tend to have more of the potato-y texture to them. Mashed potatoes typically try to not be lumpy.

9. Is it wrong that I think that people who say “smashed” potatoes are inferior to me?
Yes, it is wrong. Merely saying smashed potatoes does not indicate preference. If they choose smashed potatoes over mashed… be my guest in your feelings of superiority.

10. My wife made Lefse this weekend and I tried to put chocolate syrup on it. She reacted by calling me a “black hole of cultural respect” and threatened to not let me have any ice cream for a week. Was my infraction really so great?
Dude, potato based products should not come into contact with chocolate. Huge faux pas. Should have gone with peanut butter or jelly (but not both). I am surprised you are still married.

11. Why am I here?
Because you cannot be there.

12. If pressed, what argument would you put forth in support of "Unintelligent Design" (without referring to question No. 11)?
Ummm... the only other outstanding empirical “Unintelligent Design” proof I can think of is little old me.

13. If you awoke one Kafka morning to find your mouth and nose had been replaced with an owl's beak, how would your day be any different?
Depends, if I looked like this:

I would want to kill more Night Elves than usual, I understand you did not mention antlers, but I am taking creative license here. Otherwise, it would just make brushing my teeth unnecessary.

14. Mississippi mud: treat, or eco-disaster?
I am going to go with dessert treat. The other stuff can be referred to as silt.

15. What is your favorite word to type?
It is a tie between “banana” and “Canada,” and “anananananaananananana”

16. Surprises - any knock-your-socks-off ones recently? The pregnancy probably wasn't a complete shock so don't use that one.
Not that I can think of.

17. What is mauve?
Mauve is in the purple family of colors. It is very close to a pink in color. So it is a pink tinged light purple.

18. Any holiday contact from Capt. McArmypants?
A couple of emails. I need to respond to him.

19. Any on-line purchases as part of Cyber-Monday?

20. Are you still in the barrel with Little Man?
Okay, first off let me define “in the barrel.” In this instance, “in the barrel” means the person whom Little Man wants to spend every waking moment with if possible. At the moment, it is starting to equalize. Wifey is in the barrel sometime. I am in the barrel sometimes. Mimma is in the barrel sometimes. It just depends on his mood.

To recap:
I am feeling rather uninspired today
Wifey and I just got back from the OB
Tootsa is developing nicely
Capt. McArmypants wants us to refer to the unborn one as Voltron
I told him we would if it were quints
I am now afraid he will want us to refer to the unborn as Tranzor Z
He is a bastard like that
I might have mentioned this before
If so, whoops
If not, yea!