20 Questions Tuesday: 70 - Time for a topic

Here we are at 20 Questions Tuesday again. Today’s topic is one that I guess many people just cannot get enough of, Time. This morning when I got into work I had an amazing 45 timely questions waiting for me. So we will have time to look at this next week as well.

Thanks this week go to Dustin, ACW, Lord Pithy, Lsig, and JA Coppinger.

Bring on the questions:

1. Is 9 months a long, or short amount of time?
Yes, and no. It is both an unreachable eternity and an instant. The eternity bit is associated with the waiting, but the instant has to do with the preparing.

2. Does having children, in your experience, make time fly, or go much slower?
It speeds up your perception of time immeasurably. Hey, Dustin, these are fairly focused questions about “time.”

3. Best time travel movie of all time (no,
Time Cop with Jean Claude is not an acceptable answer)? Best Time travel show/movie you ever saw?
That’s better. As a kid I could not get enough of Time Bandits. As an adult in 2007 it is just and okay movie to watch, but as a kid in the 80’s it was flipping brilliant.

4. I’m not sure I trust the song…is time really on my side?
Time is fire in which we burn.

5. Morris Day - need I saw more?
Wauk! Halleluiah!

6. I review my daily schedule and the things that I want to accomplish. Why is it only work that I'm willing to abbreviate, but it’s the only item that I have to complete in full? This leaves other more fulfilling items to languish for a later date.
The only way I can accomlish half the crap I WANT to accomplish is through a steady diet of sleep deprivation. Preaching to the choir here.

7. What is the future of the wrist watch?
It becomes a slightly more functional bracelet. Wait, that is what it already is.

Time or Life?

9. If you could keep time in a bottle, what's the first thing that you'd like to do? If you could save time in a bottle, what would be the first thing you would like to do?
Sell that shit. I could make a mint!

10. If you could make one trip in time, would you go 3,000 years into the past or 3,000 years into the future?
Ummm… by trip you mean “round trip,” right? I think I would go with past. Since I am 6’ 2” (1.87 m) I would be a giant and my immune system should have been inoculated against most bugs of the time, plus there are ways to prepare for a trip to the past. I would be able to know at least a little about the cultures I might encounter, etc… The future has way to many unknowns to make it as safe a trip. Although, if done correctly, the future should at least know that I am coming.

11. Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Ummm… no. Other than funnel cakes, I hate fairs.

Doris Day or Shirley Temple: who is the greatest female lead of all time?
I would like more options please.

13. If I fall, will you catch me time after time?
I will be waiting.

14. Is there really a time for every purpose under heaven?
Supposedly. Although the list that is given both in song and verse is finite in nature. For example it never mentions if there is a time for downloading porn.

15. Is it really the time of the season for loving?
No that was 11 weeks ago, if you know what I mean wink wink

16. Are you on your way, making it big time?
I’ve got to make it show, yeah.

17. Is time a continuous loop or a series of potential futures? In other words, if you go back in time and kill your own grandfather does reality diverge or does the fact that you aren’t born prevent you from performing the act and reset the timeline to its original state?
If we consider time to be a physics phenomenon, we should think about it much like length, width, and height. It is a plane that is orthogonal to the 3 physical planes and behaves in the same manner. If that is the case, time can behave like any other path thus potentially recycling or bifurcating or coalescing or whatever. What is to say that the reality isn’t already infinitely divergent and convergent.

18. How much time do you spend answering these questions?
About 20 minutes actually answering the questions and another 10 typically formatting the responses and hyper-linking stuff.

19. If you had to pick one day in time to live in forever (ala Groundhog Day) which would it be?
Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I watched Groundhog Day, that’s for damn sure. The reciprocal irony would be blinding.

20. Can you explain Time Dilation for us and how it relates to Einstein’s General Theory?
It has to do with speed and relative observations associated with incredibly high rates of speed, and chickens and coffee filters and non-dairy creamer. It is very complicated. Look it is a shadow puppet of a bird!

To recap:
Wifey gets back tomorrow evening
Little Man will be very happy for this
Little Man and I are going to the zoo lights tonight
I need to figure out how to sleep when Wifey is not in town
I am rather tired
India ink is a bitch to clean off your hands
All the Batman pics I drew yesterday evening sucked
Maybe you will have a Godzilla for your Digital Thursday
Or maybe a Thundarr
You never know because I am wily