Just a Recap

Nothing to post about today.

To Recap:
I am thirsty
Therefore I drink
Whilst at lunch today the topic of Velma from Scooby Doo came up
You will have to guess as to why.
I finally did put a Batman together for the Sketch Challenge
I will not win said challenge :(
For my Batman skills are not strong
You will get what you get for Digital Thursday
And you will like it?
Little Man got tasked with the snack bucket for his preschool class for tomorrow
Many a mini banana muffin shall be baked tonight
Good lord I am tired
I think snow makes me tired
Cause it was snowing earlier today
And I am near immeasurably tired
In fact I have dozed off at least twice since starting this post
That is not a good sign for the boring ass conference call this afternoon
Caffeine shall be present
In cold liquid form
The people hosting the conference call don’t know why I am supposed to be there
The other participants don’t know why I am supposed to be there
I don’t know why I am supposed to be there
Yet, everyone, save me, insists that I be there
I insist that I be in a bed sleeping
Mmmmm sleeeeep
I slept for crap last night
I am off work tomorrow and Friday for some Papa-Time
Trains will be watched
Oh, yes, trains will be watched
Hopefully Little Man will see some trains in the snow
I have ideas for the Christmas Cards this year
Sadly, I might need a new cell phone soon
What does my reading public think?