20 Questions Tuesday: 71 - Times 2

It is Tuesday again, so we all know what that means… I will bore the tears out of you by half answering actual questions. Without further delay, Time part 2. Thanks this week to Allrileyedup, Belsum, JW, and Peefer.

On to the questions:

1. Which song makes better use of the word "time" -- Hazy Shade of Winter or Turn, Turn, Turn? or do you have another song in mind?
As far as Time lyrics go, I would have to go with Turn, Turn, Turn.

2. Do you always wear a watch or never wear a watch, or are you one of those in between people?
I used to always wear a watch, but since the battery died on my last watch (an expensive Swiss Army Watch from Wifey which I don't wear now much to her chagrin) I just have not worn one. I use my dilapidated cell instead.

3. What is your favorite time of day?
It is actually at night. I like the time between 10 pm and 1 am.

4. What is little man's favorite time of day?
Hmmm… I would have to say around 3 in the afternoon, but I am just guessing here.

5. Did you enjoy Run, Lola, Run? how would you say this movie approaches the concept of "time"?
I am loathe to admit this, because it will lose me even more intellectual street cred, but I haven’t seen it.

6. How is the Little Man’s concept of time?
He is starting to get a pretty good grasp of the concept.

7. How old were you when you were conscious of the year and dates? Who was president?
Hmmm, I am not sure. Prolly around 4 or 5.

8. How relevant is Time now in the age of blog journalism? Does anyone care about their “Person” of the Year anymore?
Since their “Person of the Year” has been pretty lame as of late, That aspect is not really all that relevant anymore. That being said, I think there will always be a place for paid journalism, I do not think that Time and Newsweek will be the 800lb gorilla anymore, but they will still be relevant.

9. How much time do you borrow?
About 30%

10. Do you have any time in a bottle?
Not anymore, I sold it for some lightning

11. How do you think you will cope with the fact that time will soon become irrelevant upon the arrival of your second child?
Time will become more important and less available, not so much irrelevant.

12. Where can I find out more about time travel?
The future has some really good books on how it works. You should go there and check some of them out.

13. Oh, and speaking of time travel, would you keep the flux capacitor in a DeLorean, or put it in something else?
Probably a H3. You need the extra bulk incase you land in a space that is unpaved.

14. O.k. Last time travel question. Would you rather go forward, or backward in time?
Probably backward. I would be able to prepare… I almost feel like I have answered this question before…

15. All total, would you say you've spent more time in front of a t.v., or a computer screen?
Computer screen... Easily

16. Is time on your side?
Yes, it is

17. Does time stand still?
In some instances, or course it does.

18. My mother-in-law's name is Rosemary. Do you have relatives with herby names?
My monther’s maiden name is Savory. Does that count?

19. Do you enjoy 5/4 time or 7/4 time? If so, in which songs?
I am leaning towards 5/4 because of Radiohead’s 15 Step. Who doesn't like all things Radiohead? 7/4 seems to be heavily leaned upon by the Beatles.

20. Do you have a clue which Canadian band I am referencing in question #17?
Nope, I am truly ‘Mercan

To recap:
Looks like we will be having Little Man friendly pizza tonight
I shall be having a frozen pizza after he’s in bed
That’s how I roll
Christmas card is almost done
Not much else of note today
Other than I am tired, but you already know that
You do know that, right?
The fonts I went with are “The King & The Queen” and “Freestyle Script”