Three Things

Every year Wifey demands that I make our Christmas/Holiday cards pretty much from scratch. There are sooo many things that go into the proper creation of Christmas/Holiday cards that I have to keep floating around in my head. There are a myriad of questions that need to be answered. How subtle should the holiday message be? Should I get a pic of the family wearing matching sweaters and matching grimaces? Why won’t Wifey leave me alone and let me play some more World of Warcraft? This post is about three things that one must keep in mind when creating their own Christmas/Holiday cards.

Thing the First: What size will the card be and what format? Is it a post card format? Will it be a bi-fold, a tri-fold, a bi-fold with and insert, a single sided with an attachment? There are questions that have to be answered. Typically I am not allowed to make this decision.

Thing the Second: Fewer things are harder to find in the world than a good font for a Christmas card. It needs to not be boring yet be legible but not too frilly and still festive but without being ostentatious while maintaining a certain level of decorum. It truly is a delicate balance. Along with a more standard font here are the fonts in the running:

Thing the Third: Printing is an issue. What media? On photo paper, matte cardstock, parchment, heavy linen, blah blah blah.

Sure there are other questions, like who the heck should get these, but those question are answered by higher powers than me.

To recap:
Card is almost done
Wifey needs to help with the text
But I think it is mostly there
Maybe a topic for Digital Thursday?
Shout out to the Mim
She had one of her knees internally cleaned this morning
Much ice has been administered by Little Man
He is good like that
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday will again focus on Time