20 Questions Tuesday: 72 - Holiday Season Part 1

Ah, the holiday season. Maybe I should type it The Holiday Season.” Whatever. Anyway… what makes you think more about holidays than the holiday season? “Nothing,” that’s what I say!

So in honor of the holiday season, the 20 Questions Tuesday topic will be “The Holiday Season” for this week and next! Excited? Me too!

Thanks this week go to Dustin, ACW, Lord Pithy, and Themikestand.

Onto the questions:
1. Fruit cake: Is it really that bad?
It is worse than you know.

2. Egg nog: Is it really that good?
It is better than you can imagine.

3. Are you or Wifey a better wrapper of presents?
Wifey is by far the better gift wrapperer.

4. Dumbest Christmas gift you’ve ever received?
Hmmm… I have had some pretty bad ones. I will go with a green vinyl table cloth that wreaked of pipe smoke.

5. What’s the deal with stockings, anyway?
I know, they bunch and they run, and there is no way of wearing them without getting a sweaty crotch… you meant by the chimney, didn’t you? Umm… let’s forget I ever typed this.

6. Its important to have your own traditions - what would be one SRH-household tradition?
I will give you 2 for the price of 1.
Tradition the First: Christmas Eve we give each other one gift, and that gift is always some comfy sleepwear.

Tradition the Second: We have cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas Day.

7. Flocked or unflocked Christmas tree?
Flocks of Christmas Trees! Oh, God! It’s Happening. Get the saws, get the torches.
We have to stop the Christmas Trees…

Wait, let me re-read that… flocked… unflocked… tree? I will go with unflocked.

8. Do carolers sing through your neighborhood?
Not good ones. Good = sober, Mimma!

9. What color are your favorite holiday lights (I like the blue ones)
I like green ones, but Wifey is all about the clear. Guess what color the lights are on our tree?

10. Have you been to The Train Station on Indianola? worth a visit?
It is okay. The really good thing about the place is that they carry some of the Wittle Wooden stuff that Little Man loves so much.

11. It's the holiday season, so whoop-de-do, or dickory dock?
Dickory dock

12. As a practicing Wiccan, do you find it hypocritical to encourage your child to sit on a stranger's knee in public?
Wiccans have no issue with stranger knee sitting.

13. What's the best gift you could ever hope to give anyone?

14. Star or angel?

15. Wrapping paper: mylar or wood pulp?
Shiny pressed wood pulp variety

16. What is your earliest Christmas memory?
Hmmm… I don’t remember much prior to what I have deemed the childhood home, and we moved there when I was four, soooo… I think it was getting a bendy Godzilla. I loved that thing.

17. Describe your perfect Christmas, right down to the weather outside, the dinner, and all those in attendance.
There is not time nor space to describe the nuanced Christmas of which you want me to envision. Suffice it to say, everyone there is in matching hats.

18. How old where you when found out the real deal about Santa?
I am not sure. In many ways I never truly latched on to the concept. I am sure I “believed” in it, but the idea was a bit ludicrous to me even as a wee one. I do remember that when the fact was “revealed” I thought something like “well, that makes more sense.”

19. Not wholly unrelated to the previous question, what do YOU think Santa really wants instead of milk and cookies?
Cheesecake and eggnog but I don't expect children to stay up the night before and make cheesecake. Cheesecake is difficult.

20. What is the latest that you've ever performed your Christmas shopping for Wifey's present?
Uh, I am not at liberty to say. You know she reads this, right? What kind of trouble are you trying to get me in?

To recap:
Little Man’s Christmas Concert thingy was today
He didn’t focus so much on his nose this time
That was positive
There were other issues that happened, but I will not go into them here
Unless they were picked up by the DVD videographer
Our street is getting new sanitary sewer stuff today
That means we have to park far far away from the house
Far far away from the house does not make SRH happy
I think I will post in third person tomorrow
It will boost my ego