So Friday night the fam decided to go to dinner at a local Bar-B-Que place. We figured that since Mimma was attached to a walker due to her knee surgery a restaurant with only 1 step would be a good idea. The meal came and it was delightful. I had a pulled pork sandwich, Wifey, a Bar-B-Que salad, Little Man had a Hamburger, and Mimma worked on some ribs. A delightful meal indeed. The meal was over and it was time for the fam to go its separate ways. Mimma was going to her house, much to Little Man’s chagrin, and the rest of us were going to our house. Fairly mundane stuff.

Mimma parked on the opposite side of the restaurant so we parted inside and headed to our respective cars. Once we got outside, Wifey said to me, “Hey, it’s a Friday night and since my mom is using a walker she is pretty vulnerable right now. I am going to go walk her to her car.”

“Sure thing, Honey.” I replied without so much another thought. I had Little Man’s hand and we were both trekking to our car a few rows of vehicles away. We get to the car, and I buckle Little Man’s seat belt and think, “Did I just send my pregnant little wife to ‘protect’ somebody? Because, you know, she's kind of an easy mark as well being all small and pregnant... at the same time.”

I am quite the chivalrous fellow.

To recap:
A shit-ton of people have been hitting the blog looking for images of Theodore from the Chipmunks
It must be due to the new movie coming out
Tomorrow is Little Man’s Christmas Hootnanny at preschool
There will be cookies
I know this because Wifey and Little Man are making them right now
The Wendy’s Chili experiment mentioned on Thursday’s post was a success
Wow, tasted just like Wendy’s chili
And did it make a lot
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions is about the holiday season