Digital Thursday

Okay, there is this show on Nick Jr. that is absolutely fun. Yo Gabba Gabba is a throwback show to the kids’ shows of my youth. It is like Electric Company on steroids. Associated with its good clean camp fun are some good messages for kids. The show has pretty high production values for its stuff, but has enforced a cheap aesthetic on the set and costumes. The animations are pretty colorful and slick while the costumes on the characters have visible zippers and the like. It is an odd blend to say the least.

It is an odd assortment of characters on screen and chock full of wondrous music. The bands that have been on this show are all pretty well followed bands in their own right on the indy scene. Most of the bands have cult followings of their own. The Aquabats!, The Aggrolites, The Salteens, Supernova, and Leslie Hall to name a non-exhaustive list of the guests that have appeared just on the segment called the Super Music Friends Show.
Now, a while back ago Marvel Comics came out with their "Ultimate Universe." It was supposed to be the gritty more realistic version of the current Marvel Universe. In doing so they updated a bunch of the the story lines to be more "current." The heroes are now flawed and many of the villains have become more sympathetic.

Anyway... an idea hit my whilst in the shower about a week ago. What would an Ultimate Yo Gabba Gabba look like...

I still need to work more on the background.

From left to right I give you DJ Lance, Plex, Muno, Toodee, Foofa (hovering), and Brobee

I really didn't keep good track of the time this took. I would say that there is about 2 hours per character though. Initial sketches were done by hand on a sketch pad, then I scanned those sketches in and did all the final work in Photoshop.

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