Back in the Saddle

I can’t say that coming back in to post this week is all that welcomed. It was really nice not posting for a week. Alas and alack, here I am typing up some crap for you schlubs.

I was hoping to make this post a very acerbic one where I sarcasmed (Yes, I just made “Sarcasm” into a verb. What of it?) out a bunch of wit and wisdom. Unfortunately, I think it will be a post bringing everyone out there in the blogospere back up to speed in the life of SRH and fam. These posts are known for their boredom inducing yawns.

First Up: Wifey has an eBay addiction. Well, it is a somewhat controlled addiction to be fair. You see, this year we got Little Man some Tomica World trains for Christmas. The issue is that Tomy trains in the US and UK are only Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Little Man is not too hip on Thomas. You see, Thomas is not a train that he even remotely has the opportunity to see when we go watch the railroads. Thomas is some freaky thing from a show with bad voice over. Tomy’s US train selection was not always this way. In the past Tomy Trains actually included an Amtrak diesel and other “real world” trains.

Here comes the eBay addiction… Wifey was intent determined obsessed with acquiring some non-Thomas trains for the boy. The only non-Thomas engines being sold in the US were associated with eBay auctions. The issue is that she cannot handle the stress of the online bidding process and therefore makes me do it. She makes me do it while asking me every 30 minutes where things sit with the auctions and what the bid is up to even if there are 3 days left in the auction. We won a couple of auctions and now Little Man is replete with non-Thomas trains. We also ordered some trains from Japan as well. It is just how Wifey rolls.

Second Up: Christmas was very good to me this year. I got good amounts new clothes and some new shoes, but the wonderfulness Christmas-wise showed up in the form of music. I got $50 worth of iTunes, an iPod dock for work, and one of those FM tuner iPod thingies for the car. It took me less than an hour to burn through the $50. Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, the Aquabats!, Mutemath, and various other artists now grace my iPod nano with their dulcet tones. Thanks to Karen for the musical recommendations. So far they have all worked out swimmingly.

Third Up: Turns out Wifey has been holding out on me. We have been married for over 10 years, and dating for coming up on 14 years. She knows my likes and dislikes. She knows me better than I know myself most of the time. She really is my heart’s joy and the soul of our relationship. That being said, she also has been harboring a hideous secret from me for the entirety of our relationship. You see, yesterday I found out that she has had a quick way to make doughnuts… DOUGHNUTS!!!! QUICKLY!!! And she has denied me this information for the bulk of our relationship (I define bulk of our relationship as 5015/5016ths or .999800… ).

Why would she deny me the bliss of fried dough when I so dearly love it… WHY!?!?!?!

To recap:
Little Man made out like a robber baron of yore
Happy New Years to everyone
Staying at home to celebrate
Not that I do not have invitations to parties
I am popular like that
Multiple invites
No, really
I have decided to not play favorites and grace any party with my presence
I am nothing if not a benevolent deity
Actually, since Wifey is in bed by 10 pm every night it makes more sense to stay home
I do need to get me some New Year’s snacks though
Mmmmmm New Year’s snacks
20 Questions tomorrow