Digital Thursday

Oh, Thursday, where would I be without you? On today’s installment of Digital Thursday I will be demonstrating the card making process for the Christmas card this year, as well as giving a full scale representation of the fine fine Christmas card for the year.

The process starts out with a color digital picture which I process to be like a black and white picture. I mask out Little Man and then darken the background to establish a stronger figure/ground relationship. I copy and paste the blocked out Little Man and make him only 50% opaque (this reduces his saturation and makes it look like the black and white image has been tinted). Finally I distort a scan of an ultrasound print to fit where the TV currently is. Viola! Picture for the Christmas card. QED

Here is the card in all its glory.

To recap:
I wish it were snowing today instead of this crappy rain
Next week’s Digital Thursday should be a blast
This is rather unfortunate
I could soooo easily fall asleep at my desk right now
I won’t, but I could
I just want everyone to know that
I think we are going to attempt to re-create Wendy’s Chili this weekend for Little Man
He has expressed interest in making some chili
Mimma cannot help but make her chili blisteringly spicey
Wifey and I are not huge chili fans
Aiming for Wendy’s Chili seems to be the correct course
Seriously though, does anyone know what a mummy does after it has exacted revenge?
Have a great weekend everyone