20 Questions Tuesday: 73 - Interview with Wifey

Okay, here I am at home without having forwarded any of my questions from my venerable questioners.

Instead of my typical 20 Questions Tuesday, I am being “interviewed” by Wifey. Here we go.

1. If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Amazon.com I could still purchase most things that I have become so accustomed to purchasing.

2. Is there any Star Wars character you secretly don’t like, even though everyone else thinks they are awesome? (Chewbacca is the one for me. Quit freaking yodeling you furry weirdo!)
Mace Windu. Samuel L Jackson’s performance was wooden, and the character was a doofus. Purple light saber? More like pink, Captain Dies-So-Easy

3. What were the candidates for the blog’s previously potential name change?
The Force is Not Strong with This One and Economy of Motion were the 2 front runners

4. Do you think we are having a boy or a girl? (and don’t answer “Yes, we are going to have a boy or a girl.”)
Depends on the day. One day I feel like Little Man will have a little brother and other days I think he will have a little sister.

5. TRON, please explain.
If you have to ask, it cannot be xplained. Plus you don’t really like the acting stylings of Bruce Boxlightner or Jeff Bridges. What’s up with that?

6. Have you ever held a grudge? I hold a grudge like a rabid wolverine. Your best friend still holds a grudge from you getting orange cream-cicles in kindergarten when everyone else had to have chocolate ice cream cups.
Hmmm… I guess my apathy outweighs my, uh…lack of apathy? What the hell is “lack of apathy?”

7. What are you vain about?
My humor. I know that I shouldn’t be vain about it, but, damn, I feel that I am funny, by gum! Granted, I understand that humor doesn’t work every time, but I really think I am pretty funny.

8. Dude, we’re out growing our house, and we are adding a baby to it. What gives?
We are trying to reallocate some of that space right now. Kitchen addition = bigger kitchen with new office and using the 3rd bedroom as a nursery. People get by with more people in less space all the time.

9. Come on! Give them something they don’t know about you.
That isn’t even a question! I don’t like pistachio pudding.

10. Three wishes, what are they?
Wish 1: hmmmm…
Wish 2: uhhhh…
Wish 3: errrrrm…
Are these like monkey’s paw wishes? Or beneficial Barbara Eden-esque genie from I Dream of Genie wishes? I need more information before I can make these wishes. Monkey’s Paw wishes take very specific wording while I Dream of Genie wishes take good intentions and tickling

11. Have you ever been jealous?

12. How much money would it take to get you to streak down our street completely naked?
Hmmm, do I get to choose conditions? Time of day? Time of year? That kind of stuff? Again, I need more information before I can place a price on my dignity.

13. Hey, you haven’t answers the last couple of questions. That’s not okay!
My blog, my rules. You want things different? Start posting on yours again. Plus, I answered Number 11.

14. Do you think I could drive a minivan? That is clearly where we are heading and you know about my depth perception.
Yes, you could, but you don’t think you could. There are other alternatives. We could always leave one kid at home to fend for him/herself. We have to start this one early.

15. When am I getting my granola bars?
I don’t know. I ordered them about a month ago and they aren’t ready yet. Something about oat shipments and the price of tea in China.

16. Your parents, seriously, what is with them? And make it funny, Laugh-Boy!
Hmmm… imagine a bull, a penguin, a moose, and a hula hoop. There. Get it? Oh, and the movie TRON. It should all make so much more sense now.

17. How are you like your dad?
Damn, woman, these questions just took a bad turn. I would have to say, proportions. I have a longer torso than legs. Thanks, Dad!

18. How are you like your mom?
You are a cold bitch to ask that. A cold cold bitch! I don’t even know who you are anymore. My coloring.

19. Any movie you have always wanted to see?
Always? That is a pretty long time. I would have to go back and one day decide to actually watch E.T. Yes, That’s right! I have never watched E.T. And now, even though I am interested in seeing the movie, I have to go through life not seeing it. It is a mission now.

20. Am I forgiven about the doughnut debacle from Sunday? They aren’t even real doughnuts!
Of course. Still I was surprised you did not mention them earlier. They are quite tasty.

To Recap:
More timely post tomorrow
Sorry for the tardiness today
Happy New Year all
Wow, that is a short recap