20 Questions Tuesday: 75 - Motivation

Yesterday I was highly unmotivated, so I thought a brilliant idea for a topic would be motivation. I was right. I have 2 weeks worth of questions and ½ a weeks worth of energy.

Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, Dustin, Bomber, Belsum, and Dr B Dawg.

Onto the Questions:

1. "Meh" or "Feh"?
Definitely “Meh.”

2. Better excuse to not do something: "I can't my leg is on fire"; or "I'd love to want to be able to help, but I don't."
The first is an excuse and the second statement is just stating is the truth.

3. Carrot or stick? Better motivation - punishment or reward? (for you, as an adult.)
I am much more inclined to do something for the carrot, but only if the carrot is something that I really want (as in not a carrot), otherwise I sadly need the stick to prod me along.

4. Uncle Owen's first pick had a bad motivator and it blew up. Why can't we do that?
Blow up our “bad motivators?” That would be great; in fact that idea kicks much ass.

5. Why am I not motivated to register to vote?
I would have to say it is because your state’s primary is too late in the season and inconsequential.... just like your vote.

6. How much motivation can one piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake get?
I have tried many times to motivate Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes, but those bastards are the laziest desserts out there. So in answer you can motivate a slice of cheesecake all you want, but it will do absolutely nothing.

7. What is your favorite De-motivational poster?
This one, but there are so many good ones.

8. Is your dearth of motivation linked to your digestion cycle like mine (post lunch = sleepy time)?
Some of my dearth of motivation can be traced back to alimentary canal processes, but most I think more can be credited to my general state of malaise.

9. If you could distill motivation into pill form and sell it, what would you call it and how much would it be?
Ummm… they already sell caffeine in pill form, it goes by many names: Vivarin, NoDoz, and a boatload of generic names.

10. Does fear motivate you?
To run in the opposite direction of what is afearing me, yes. To accomplish things? Not so much

11. What was your motivation to propose to Wifey?
Umm… I wanted to doom her to a dismal and emotionally unavailable marriage like my parents did to each other.

12. I'm feeling motivated today. What's the best way to squelch that?
Might I suggest contemplating your role in the cogs of the universe? I mean, really, on a universal scale, you are pretty insignificant… just like the rest of us.

13. Just how addictive is the Motivator maker?
I have not perused it too much, but I could see where it could be addictive.

14. How many consecutive set-backs in a project does it take you to loose all motivation? Does this differ at home and at work?
Work: 0
Home: prolly 4 or more

15. Do you find procrastination to be a motivational tool?
Umm… I think procrastination is a side effect of motivation (or lack there of) and not a reason for or against motivation.

16. Would a speaker (some retired basketball guy or some CEO who has made a mind boggling amount of money) ever motivate you?
Nope, not in the slightest.

17. Is your current motivation suffering from a lack of self-motivation or job-suck-the-life-out-of-you-osity?
I believe I would side with the latter instead of the former.

18. Would a rally monkey help your motivational woes?

Yes, I am sure of it.

19. Has your company ever had motivational or team building exercises?
Ummm… no, bec***this paragraph has been removed by the editors to insure SRH’s continued employment*** you know?

20. Have you thought that maybe you were just over-motivated and now you're merely motivated and so it feels like you're under-motivated?
Finally, someone knows what I am talking about. When you grow up as a go getter all the time, when you dial that back, it feels like you are just sitting on your laurels when you are really just going with the flow… God, I can’t even read that without giggling much less type it or say it out loud. If it took no effort I could be the poster child for lack of motivation.

To recap:
Wifey is starting to get ill
And I don’t mean in the Beastie Boys way either
She has always been Illin’ yo!
But now she is ailing
Well, I have work that I am ignoring