Not Pauly Shore, either

Wifey’s boss had some kind of Wii hootnanny on Sunday. There was some food and about 12 people there to play with the Wii. Of the 12 people, 4 were below the age of 8. The Wii is a fun console with lots of insane potential as evidenced by this guy.

Anyway… Wifey and I have been talking up the “Wii Party” for the past few days because we think that if we can get Little Man interested in playing the Wii, we could use the games to help some of his Occupational Therapy stuff. The hand eye coordination would go up and hopefully his body positional awareness. I know these concepts have technical names, but I forget what they are at the moment, so I won’t use them. Anyway, Wifey and I have been chatting up the Wii party for Little Man for about 4 or 5 days.

He is genuinely interested in going to the party. We think that he is going to really dig the party and he might actually try playing the games. Come Sunday morning he wakes up and immediately asks about the party and demands that we all get moving so that we don’t miss the party. He blathers on about something that Wifey and I do not understand due to our advanced state of grogginess.

We reassure him that the Wii party is not until that afternoon, and that no amount of parental lollygagging in the morning will jeopardize his ability to go to the party. Thus covered, Wifey and I continued our morning lollygagging in our foggy haze of grogginess. Again the little one is gibbering and prattling on about some such nonsense. Party this…. Party that… blah blah blah. My head is hurting and I am not quite conscious enough to attend to Little Man’s incessant mouthing. Besides as far as we could tell, he was not asking questions. He was talking about how excited he was about the party.

Wait a second, was that an extra syllable appended to “Wii?”

“When are we going to the Weasel Party?”

Oh, I think I understand why he is so excited. I also think I understand that he will be summarily disappointed with the abject lack of weasels.

To recap:
Nary a weasel in sight at the party
Little Man seems to like chicken sandwiches
Who would have thought?
Tomorrow’s 20 questions shall be about motivation
If I feel up to it
It is snowing a little bit today
Big pretty flakes
Not much else to say
I hope it is something good for dinner tonight