Digital Thursday

So, Tuesday of last week, Little Man produces a dinosaur that he has put together whilst in preschool. It is made from 5 pieces of construction paper. The head and neck, body, tail, leg one, and leg two comprised this Jurassic marvel. The pieces were joined together with those brass paper hole filling bendy things…

Yeah, those things. Anyway, by using the “Brass Plated Fasteners” the dinosaur has some degrees of movement associated with it. Needless to say Little Man is rather proud of its existence. So Wifey and I asked him what kind of dinosaur it is. Without missing a beat, he told us it was a Stegosaurus Rex (ergo Wednesday’s post from last week).

Today’s digital Thursday is dedicated to the oft maligned and mostly unknown Late Jurassic dinosaur, the Stegosaurus Rex

Can you see why it is the king of the stegosaurs? I can.

This was built from 3 separate images found on the interwebs. It took about 20 minutes of time to do. I am happy with it all except for the low amounts of detail on its head.

I have to be honest with you reader folk, I am not sure I like Digital Thursday. I am the paragon of ambivalence when it comes to Digital Thursday. There are times that it is wonderful. Times that I am very proud of what I am posting. There are times when I feel like the work being presented is really my “A Game.” There are other times, however, when I feel like I have just slapped some pixels together and forced something upon you fine readers that you may not want. What I am getting at, is that I would like people, if they are willing, to weigh in on whether or not Digital Thursday is working for you, as a very very interested reader.

To recap:
Little Man is a bit under the weather today
He is just a little coughy
Not to be mistaken as a small coffee one might order at a restaurant
And definitely not a “Short Americano,” to use the lingo
Yet he is a short American
Skinny too
Yet he eats like we haven’t fed him in weeks
Yeti eats like a barbaric pig
WTF!?!!? Wifey just posted?
What's all THAT about?
Have a great weekend everyone