20 Questions Tuesday: 79 - Time to get Ill

Well, since I was out for a good part of last week, this week’s 20 questions are all about “Ill.” (not the state of Illinois though, that is a different 20 Questions)

Thanks this week go to Lsig, Sparky, Belsum, Dustin, Peefer, JW, Allrileyedup, and Atmikha.

On to the questions:

1. a: How sick do you have to be before you take medicine (in other words, do you take something at the first sign, or do you try to tough it out)? b: How sick do you have to be before you stay home from work? c: How many times have an illness/"illness" caused you to call off work? d: How sick do you have to be to go to the doctor?
a: not very sick to take meds to reduce symptoms via meds
b: I have to be pretty ill to not try to make it in. Basically I have to be sick enough that I cannot treat the symptoms effectively. This usually means a significant fever.
c: hmmm… maybe a handful of time including the day and a half from last week
d: To actually see a medical professional, the illness has to either be insanely acute or amazingly persistent.

2. Are rest, fluids and good nutrition the most effective way to cure most illnesses, or is it really to blast the pathogens with the pure chemical cocktail of Sprite, Dayquil and Top Ramen?
I believe the better answer of those choices is “rest, fluids, and good nutrition.” Had you added “youth” to “Sprite, Dayquil, and Top Ramen” that answer would have won.

3. Who copes with being sick better, you or Wifey?
We have vastly different coping strategies and vastly different coping tolerances for different symptoms. Truly there is not an easy decision of whose better? Who’s best?

4. There are many horrifying diseases out there. Which one would you try to avoid the most?
Ebola or really any of the hemorrhagic fevers

5. What's your favorite thing to do on a sick day - when you're home, alone, and sick?
Sleep. (and you could have left off “and sick?” in the criteria.)

6. What's the first sign that you're feeling better? For me, it's when I have the urge to bake something. Isn't that odd?
My first sign is usually wanting to get out of the house for no necessary reason (medicine, food, etc…), and I think baking is an odd response to wellness, but not odd like flying a kite at night odd.

7. Who is more ill, Eddie Vedder or LL Cool J?
Ummm… Let’s just say that the Ladies Love Cool James cause he is one ill mutha.

8. Autoimmune is the body attacking itself. Why would the body do that? Is the body completely crazy?
I have often wondered if my body was completely crazy… I am not sure you need to add fuel to this fire.

9. What are your feelings about every vice – from smoking cigarettes to playing poker – being labeled a “disease” these days?
Well, in some instances it makes sense. If the behavior is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain then it is a disease not much unlike diabetes and should be considered and medicated as such, but sometimes people go a bit far and take conscious decision out of the equation. People need to at least take responsibility for the parts of their actions that they are responsible for. Wanting to gamble could be a chemical imbalance, but buying a ticket to Vegas is a decision.

10. What will happen when we somehow manage to start passing cholera via e-mail?
A Pandemic that likes of which has never before been seen.

11. Ever had food poisoning?
Yep, some bad shrimp… really bad… uuuuggh

12. Does Wifey try and push crazy cure-alls on you when you’re sick? KJ does. Things like “zinc” and “vitamin C.” I tell her to take her pagan practices elsewhere.
Wifey is a happy medium when it comes to medicinal stuff. She is not all about over medicating, but is not against medicine playing a role.

13. Who is the ill in thrill?
I’ll put the “ill” in “thrill.” Of course then it will be “thri’ll”

14. In your lifetime, do you think we will see a pandemic as wide swept and as rapid as the bubonic plague? If so, what are you going to do about it?
I think that a pandemic is always possible, but I studied natural hazards in college, so I am biased. As for what I can do? I shall endeavor to wash my hands more often.

15. Generally, is sinusitis really a fungal-based invasion misunderstood for a bacterial infection?
If one describes the sinuses as a cave system and fungus as mushrooms, then yes.

16. Name the 5 "illest" rappers of all time (In your book)

Delivery: Eminem
Longevity: LL Cool J
Bad Assery: 50 Cent
Smooth: Snoop Dogg
Message: KRS-ONE
Beastie Boys get an honorable mention

17. Exactly what time is "time to get ill"?
3:39 bitches!

18. Any thoughts on chicken noodle soup? (does it work? do you make it? blah blah blah)
Number 1: Doesn’t do a damn thing for the soul
Number 2: Campbell’s Condensed? Bleck in a can
Number 3: Works no better than any other thin broth soup
Number 4: I make cream of tomato ‘cause I am a bad ass
Number 5: Yep, a bad ass.

19. Are you ever so sick that Boohbah become surprisingly "not-so-weird"?
I like that show and it is frikking weird. I am not sure there is a sickness level appropriate for that kind of delusion to be “not-so-weird.”

20. Do you eat spaghetti when you're sick? (I honestly don't know why I thought to ask you this, but it's making me laugh a lot right now)
Glad to have helped, but spaghetti is a soon after sickness meal due to ease of creation.

To recap:
Just went baby shopping with Wifey
Ummm… shifting one’s mind to girl’s clothes is difficult
Laundry needs to be done tonight
Much cleaning needs to be done actually
Jimmy cracked corn and I DO care
That bastard’s gotten away with cracking corn for the last time
I mean it
I need more sleep, but who doesn’t?