Getting all political

I usually do not weigh in on politics and/or political happenings. I find that political discussions tend to bring out the absolute worst in people. There are three types of political conversations that can occur. The first two are the most common. Conversation Type the First is when people agree with each other. These political conversations tend to turn mean-spirited very quickly and devolve into attacks against other viewpoints. Basically it is almost a series of one-upmanship of who can make fun of the opposition more.

Conversation Type the Second is when people do not agree with each other. Perfectly sane people will devolve into mouth-foaming wing-nuts when presented with opposing view points. Political discussions often rapidly devolve from the ivory tower position for or against something into personal attacks often culminating into attacks on previous political decisions and family lineage. That is one of the big reasons I don’t like political conversations.

Conversation Type the Third is when one or more of the conversation participants is apathetic. The conversation gets no where and at least one person leaves the conversation wondering why they just wasted their time.

So, I do not want to get into an alternate to my stance bashing session (a la Conversation Type the First), or a personal attack argument (a la Conversation Type the Second), or a waste of my time (a la Conversation Type the Third), and that is why I stay out of political topics.

Not today though. Today I will wade fearlessly into the political slush that is today’s blogosphere. I know you are thinking that with all of the primaries going on and how active the political landscape has been lately with primary season on around us that I will be posting something about whom I would endorse if asked. Well, I am not touching that crap with a ten foot pole. That shyte is a volatile morass of explodihood. “What are you going to get all political about then?” you ask.

Well, I think it is about time that I finally allowed my bile to spew forth considering the MLB Steroid abuse issues. WTF?!?! WHY IS CONGRESS EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS?!?!? Seriously people? What is the point? Are there not enough real governmental issues going on to deal with? Aren’t there poor folk, rich folk, old folk, disabled folk, minority folk, white folk, military folk, foreign folk, etc… that need decisions made about actual budgetary and legislative stuff? Shouldn’t congress be battling with each other about who gets what and how much? What does Congress care if some ball players are suping it up? How is this internal MLB matter of any interest to the United States Congress? WTH!?!?! Will there be a national law against steroid use in professional sports when this is over? Why are they wasting my money on this?!?

Hey, MLB! Take care of your own shit. Come up with a steroid policy. MLB Players Union, stop doping and grow up. Congress, get back to governmental stuff! And quit wasting my money.

To recap:
Not sure what will be for dinner tonight
We need to get the counter tops in place prior to the sink being installed
Added a feed to the site
I should see my readership just going through the roof now
Many have asked for a feed for a long time now
Many = 1 or 2
I am starting to see the light at the end of my own personal illness tunnel
Hopefully there will be some gym-time in my near future