Digital Thursday

Over at the Ten Ton Studios forums the most recent Sketch Challenge was a Spiderman nemesis. This nemesis is Kraven the Hunter. In one of the posts someone explained Kraven’s costume thusly:

It's like Siegfreid and Roy meets WWE in a gay bar bar for drinks!

That person is very correct. Kraven’s costume consists of an open vest, leopard print tights, and ballet slippers. Later on someone mentioned something about Freddie Mercury, and I couldn’t get the image out of my mind.

So for all of you who have ever wondered:

Well, here is your answer.

To recap:
I thought about dropping Queen lyrics all over the recap, but decided against it
Instead, tell me your favorite Queen song in the comments
Mine is Flash Gordon
He saved everyone of us Oh-Oh
Happy Valentine's Day
Have a great weekend everyone