20 Questions Tuesday: 82 - Memory / Memories

I would bore you all with the lyrics of Memories, but alas and alack I have forgotten them (bad um tish). Thank you I will be here all week. Please don’t forget to tip your waiter.

Anyway… today’s 20 Questions Tuesday topic is Memory/Memory. We all have them, and we have all lost them. Thanks this week go to: Dustin, Lord Pithy, Peefer, and Allrileyedup.

On to the Questions!

1. “Memory” as a first name, like “Memory Johnson”: Totally cool or totally lame?
I would say a bit lame. I think you would be setting someone up to not be able to live up to their name. People would expect Memory to have a good memory. Kind of like people thought my kindergarten classmate Hottie McHotterstein was going to be a super-model. Sadly that is not the case for ugly Hottie McHotterstein...

2. Greatest college memory?
We there was this one that I saw in the National Scottish Galleries that involved broken glass, a bicycle wheel, a tea service, and newspaper…. Oh, college… Ummm… I don’t remember much about college.

3. If could design your own memorial, what would it look like/say/do?
This is a good question. I am not sure there is enough platinum and amber in the world. We will leave it at that.

4. Title of your eventual memoirs?
Isn’t that what this blog is? Under Construction: Musings of a life less extraordinary.

5. One memory you hope Little Man keeps from his childhood?
The stove is hot. No Touchy

6. What's your favorite memory of me?
Not so much of a singular memory but more of a process of realizing our sense of humor were compatible.

7. If you could erase one memory from your, um, memory, what would it be?
The one about the things with the dowhackers that had the pointy stuff and teeth and stuff. Yeah, I would get rid of that one. All the teeth…. Oh, God so many bitey bitey teeth…

8. Do you remember you promised I could name the next kid?
I remember that I did not promise any such thing. I promised that if we had naturally occurring quints you could name 1 and keep 2.

9. If you could tap into any one other person's memories, who would it be?
Little Man’s. I would love to learn what he is remembering, and then modify my behavior accordingly.

10. What's your favorite memory of me?
The blue and yellow sweater incident. I haven’t worn that sweater since.

11. Where did I put my keys?

I would check the small table near the door. If not there, I would look in my coat pocket. If they aren’t there… in the lock?

12. What is your earliest memory?
Having my third birthday “party” at a rest stop in Alabama while we moved from Oklahoma City, OK to Montgomery, AL. My Grandma and Grandpa drove up from Florida to meet us.

13. Can you say mammary without smiling or snickering?
I just tried, and nope still smile and/or snicker. The co-workers are a bit confused now though.

14. Can you listen to Memories without wanting to smash your head?
Once… but only once

15. What is the memory capacity of a human in bytes?
The last human brain I ate was a good 50 bites, but I prolly could have taken it down in 25 on a bet… That wasn’t what you were asking was it. In my defense, everyone knows that if you eat the brain of your enemies you steal their power and trap their soul, right?

16. What do you hope will be one of Little Man's earliest memories of you?
This is a really tough question. I just hope he remembers that he has always been loved. aaaaw

17. What is your favorite memory of Wifey?
Walking down the aisle. Good Lord, what is with the schmaltz?

18. The song Memory from cats. Good? Bad? Irritating?
Bad and irritating.

19. Favorite mnemonic device?

20. The movie “Johnny Mnemonic”. Lame in general or lame because of Keanu?
That movie is not ruined by Keanu. There are many things wrong with it. Henry Rollins being whacked like a chump. Ummm… even a geeky shop doc Rollins could open a can of whoop ass. Ice T was in it when he would do any movie for money, seriously the man was a bit part in 6 movies that year. Dolph Lundgren was in it, that shouldn’t require any more explanation than that. The super good guy that all the guys were working for was a dolphin. WTF?!? I forget the chick in the movie, but she couldn’t act her way out of an audition. Don’t get me wrong, Keanu was no shining light amid a universe of darkness, but he wasn’t even the weakest element. That movie did such a disservice to Shadowrun. Ummm, I mean, "I don't know what movie you are talking about."

To recap:
So I did not get to buy the screws last night
Big deal
I’ll get them, don’t you worry none
I will be sooooo happy when the primary election is over today
I am tired of getting recorded calls from people I don’t care about asking me to vote for someone
I slept for crap last night