Five things

Five Things today:

Thing the first: It is amazing how much better a kitchen looks when you put hardware on the cabinets. That being said, it is amazing how unfinished it looks when you are only able to get about 70% of the hardware on. The other 30% waiting on longer screws. It is amazing how many trips to the hardware store are necessary during any particular home improvement, and how many more are necessary when it is the kitchen being remodeled. The cabinets will look nice when done though.

Thing the second: The Super Marble Run is a bitch to reconfigure. Little Man decided that yesterday was the day to change how it had been laid out since Christmas. Over an hour later, Little Man had a shiny new layout and a tired papa who was incredulous at the lack of playing with said new Super Marble Run configuration. I guess an hour’s worth of construction is a bit too long of a wait for a 4.6 year old to wait to play with all its marbly goodness.

Thing the third: Is it wrong to throw other peoples’ recycling out of the big neighborhood recycling drop off point dumpsters so that I can get my recycling picked up? I mean, this is about ME feeling good about my environmental conscious. I KNOW my recycling is getting picked up, while those sorry littering suckers who got there before me only THINK they are helping the environment. Nope, you sorry suckers aren’t recycling, you are littering… by proxy, you environmentally unfriendly jackasses! Yep, all your Girl Scout cookie cases are now litter.

Thing the fourth: I had a fourth thing not too long ago, but I have clearly forgotten what it was about. That’s how it seems to go with the old memory. Some days I gots it, some days I don’ts. This does not bode well for Thing the fifth though…

Thing the fifth: oooh. Oh yeah, The Computer Room (nee Office) is now relatively clean. For some reason Wifey’s laptop occasionally decides that it needs the network authentication key for our wireless network. You know the bajillion letter and number code that lets our router know that it is okay for the laptop to use our Internet services. It looks something like…

But completely different. Anyway… the information used to be in this blue or black folder on the edge of the computer table. I am not sure where that folder went, but it was not to be found in the computer room. Even after the room was semi-cleaned up. Therefore I had to have a delightful online chat with the good folks at Geek Squad. Luckily they are required to type in real words, because I could not have followed an IM Txt lingo’ed IT chat. Anyway, the Geek Squad guy was very pleasant and helped us out pretty much immediately and now Wifey’s computer is all netted up AND the office is relatively cleaner.

To Recap:
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