20 Questions Tuesday: 83 - Snow

Since we had an inordinate amount of snow heaped upon us this weekend I felt that a adequate 20 Questions Tuesday topic would aptly be “Snow.” So here we go.

Thanks this week go to: Sparky, Allrileyedup, ACW, and Dr B-Dawg

On to the questions:
1. Favorite song about or that mentions snow?
The only Snow song I can think of is Informer. I know he was big in the Canadian Reggae scene, and I also know that isn’t necessarily saying anything... Oh, wait, you meant songs ABOUT snow

2. Did Little Man like the big snowfall?
He really enjoyed playing in the snow. His favorite activities were trailblazing and sliding down our slide into a big pile of snow.

3. Snow as a name for your soon to arrive baby girl...discuss.
Snow is a wonderful word name, but really a child most likely should be a winter baby to get that name as their moniker. Since the Duchess will be arriving in June, Snow is not a very good name choice.

4. Which do you prefer - blizzard or thunderstorm?
Thunderstorm. Lightning and thunder are mesmerizing.

5. Accessories of choice for your snowman?
A corncob pipe, a button nose and two eyes made out of coal… although a noose is a good addition

6. What are the five best adjectives to describe snow?
Cold, delicate, soft, ephemeral,and melty

7. What is your favorite thing about when it snows?
I love after a snow just how amazingly quiet it is. I absolutely love that.

8. Greatest amount of snow you've ever seen?

Hmmm… In one snowfall or storm system, I would have to go with the 20 + inches we got on Friday and Saturday. Playing around in Colorado let me see large amounts of snow accumulation, but I never saw it snow there.

9. Do you think Frank Zappa ever ate the yellow snow?
I am sure he did, and I am sure he was tripping at the time. “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” was penned from experience.

10. Favorite snow cone flavor?

11. Did you bury the Little Man and leave him in the snow?
Nope. He buried himself up to his waist and giggle like a banshee the whole time.

12. Did you make flavored snow cones?
Nope, but we did have hot lemonade after playing in the snow.

13. Are you happy with your city's snow plowing response?
I think the city’s snow plow response was adequate enough. The Interstates and Freeways were clear fairly early on and arterials and major collectors were clear as well. The only roads un-plowed were the neighborhood streets.

14. Did you feel "trapped" in the house over the weekend?
Nope, we could have gotten to necessary places if need be, but it was nice to just stick around the house and not run around all weekend.

15. Did you do anything special since you and yours were snowed in?
We cleaned out the old kitchen to get it ready for demolition. Crazy lives we lead. Can you feel the excitement?

16. What is the best phrase for which S.N.O.W. can be an acronym?Superstitious Natural Ogre… Severe… Sorry Nobodies Oblivious… man that W really is difficult. SuperNatural Oracle Women (SNOW)… that’s the best I have.

17. What is funnier, someone you know slipping on ice or a complete stranger?Complete stranger. Definitely. People you know will punch you in the arm when they regain their footing, while people you don’t know will be

18. Do people clean the stores out of all of the perishables in Ohio in preparation for upcoming end of world snow storms, ala AL?
Nope, everyone here was pretty reserved about the whole thing. There was a run on snow shovels though.

19. Snowman or snow angel?
We made snow angels.

20. Any truth to the rumors that this snow will give Frosty sufficient opportunity to venture off to his secret north pole "fortress of solitude" with Superman?
That is completely false. The snows will be gone soon enough, and then the magic hat will be mine!

To recap:
So busy today
Mainly because I am waiting on crap from people
Tomorrow is another day
Hip hip hooray for tomorrow
I have printing to get to