Writing Exercise

So today is another day that is leaving me hanging as far as coming up with a topic. So, here it is again, writing exercise time. This exercise is pretty open-ended. Describe a character… Here we go:

If you scan a crowd, invariably your eye will rest on Tom - if he is there. He is never in the front preferring to hover on the edges. His intense desire not to be noticed seems to be the very reason that you end up concentrating on him. People do not immediately realize just how tall a man Tom is. He always seems to be stooping with the conspicuous droopy shoulder and shuffling gate of someone who did not want to get noticed. The truth is that Tom is rather tall. If anyone can get him to stand up straight he would tower over most people in a room. Getting Tom to stand up straight is like asking the wind to stop. The interesting thing about Tom is that you cannot help but notice when he is there, but you will not realize when he is gone. Turns out he is gone more than he is there, which is an interesting fact in and of itself.

If anyone ever asks what Tom looks like, the answer is typically the same. –He has kind of blondish or light to medium brownish hair. His eyes are either blue or green, but they might be a light-ish brown or something. Sometimes he wears glasses. His voice is hard to place because he is so quiet. He dresses pretty much like anyone else.—basically Tom is a attention grabbing but ultimately forgettable presence.

Getting Tom to look you in the eye is quite a challenge. It would be an easy task if your eyes were somehow attached to either of his shoes. Furtive glances seem to be the most eye contact anyone can drag from him. If you are lucky enough to be right next to him, he might grace you with his quiet commentary of what is going on around him. You wouldn’t think that someone so incredibly intent on not being observable would have such scathing wit. The sarcasm seeps from his frame almost like an undetectable gas leak. You can catch hints and whiffs of his observations, but cannot ever truly get a full picture of what he is saying. If you laugh because of his muted remarks, he will quietly slip away with the slightest possibility of a smirk on his face. A few people have laughed at his mutterings only to be faced with explaining to others why they were laughing by themselves.


To the recap:
Digital Thursday is tomorrow
Dinner is tonight
Not sure what that will be
Wifey has a 5 PM meeting
That means it is a early day for me
Kick ass
Other than “Pyramids Happen” any other T-shirt quotes that you have read here?