Digital Thursday

Here it is Digital Thursday yet again. I am on day 4 of 5 sans Wifey. I am rather tired. For Digital Thursday I have two things ready, but before we get into all of that, some information about my mom’s Cancer of the Naughty Parts.

She will be having the complete hysterectomy with some lymph node ectomies thrown in to boot either Monday or Friday of next week. It is just a matter of what can be scheduled. She is getting that new fangled robotic hysterectomy. I have more information with more graphic detail, but no one wants that. Suffice it to say, that post surgery, the oncologist has said that the “treatment is over” and mom will be done with this. If all goes swimmingly well, she should be back and 100% recovered 2 weeks post op. All in the family are doing better with this information.

Enough of that stuff.

First up is an illustration I did for the Monster Manual being produced for The Fellowship of the White Star RPG. Beyond here there be Giant Spiders.

Good lord I hate spiders. Can’t stand the little buggers. I am very happy that there are not bigger buggers such as these.

Second up is a 10 minute painting of a Yeti face. I will be using this art in a t-shirt design. I am not sure what the t-shirt will say yet, but it will have this yeti on it… in color even (if possible).

To recap:
Wifey gets home tomorrow
Little Man is more than ready for her to be home
Congrats to Dr B-Dawg
She is a very lucky woman
When do I get to meet her?
Either tonight or tomorrow we will be graced with the presence of Capt McArmypants
Did I type “graced?”
I meant “gassed”
Cause, he is smelly due to his alimentary canal, yo!
Listening to You’re so Damn Hot by Ok Go from their self titled Ok Go
Have a great weekend everyone