Digital Thursday

Okay, I did not get done inking the image I WANTED to post today, but that will give me something for next week. This week I have something else for the Fellowship of the White Star RPG monster manual. This is a Hebrew golem for the book. It is a pretty hastily mashed together digital drawing and Photoshopped image.

Oh, and I scanned my left hand.

At least it was not anything else anatomical.

To recap:
Holding on the phone with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Little Man needs a photo ID for our trip to Phoenix, AZ
April 25 through May 3 we are going to be in Sunny Phoenix
Most likely basking in the sun that shines upon trains
It will be nice to be away from the office for a bit
The BMV is just as efficient on the phone as in person
Maybe even less so
We are fending for ourselves for dinner tonight
I have no idea what I will be having
I will attempt something associated with left over spaghetti sauce
My hip is bothering me again because of my wallet
Wow, am I old
Listening to Right in Two by Tool off of 10,000 Days
Have a great weekend… I will be staining stuff