Not enough time

There is a veritable plethora of things that must be done prior to the arrival of a certain, as yet un-named little girl. My mind very rarely strays far from this list of milestones and benchmarks of natal preparation. We are at week 29 in a 40-ish week process, and there is much to be done.

Currently the contractor has a few things left to do in the new kitchen, a slew of things to do in the new office, and a near blank slate to work with in the new bathroom.

The Kitchen:
The contractor has to add the quarter inch round to the counter tops to finish off those bad-boys. He also needs to sand down the ceiling seams and install the skylight and lighting fixtures. Unfortunately he needs me to prep the quarter inch round before he is ready to install it. That requires a bit of sanding and a bit of staining on my part. Once he gets the ceilings sanded and the skylight installed, it is time for painting a plenty. I also need to stain and seal the windows before he can trim them out as well. Once the ceiling is done, there are 2 walls that need painting as well. That doesn’t even start to get into the tile by tile replacement that needs to take place. There are a couple of tiles that have cracked and a few on the edges that need to be replaced as well.

The Office:
The office needs a ceiling, a wall, lighting, a significant amount of patch work on the tile floor tile, and to be painted. You know, nothing much. It will be my responsibility to re-tile the needing to be retiled portions of the floor and paint the room (including ceiling) as well.

The Bathroom:
It has a fan light installed and other than that it needs to be worked on. Plumbing has not been roughed in, it is missing a wall, it needs lighting, its vent needs to be moved, which will necessitate re-tiling some areas. Once all the construction stuff is done, I will need to paint that room up as well.

The Dining Room:
This room only needs 2 things done. The patch in the wall needs to be cosmetic’d up (seamed, sanded, and painted) and the vent needs to be moved which will necessitate some hardwood flooring patching. I will be responsible for painting… when everything else is done.

Once these three rooms are done, I will be able to move our current office into the new office. The old office will need some painting and then a boat load of baby fixings need to be put in there. Most likely we will need a new light fixture (possible ceiling fan?) in that room as well. Bottom line is that there is no nursery until the new office is outfitted.

If we paint the Duchess’s room (we will need to), we should also paint Little Man’s room as well. He is closing in on being 5 years old and his room is still stuck in the color scheme we used for his babyhood. It needs to be updated. I might try to postpone this until he is five and make it about turning five.

Anyway… I have about 16 weeks worth of stuff to do and about 10 weeks to get it done in. We are going to be out of town for Wifey’s work April 25th through May 3rd or 4th. Time… it is a running away from me.

How are you doing?

To recap:
So little time
So very little time
Yes, yes, like sands through the hourglass…
Not sure what will be ready for Digital Thursday tomorrow
I am digitally inking a piece for one of the Sketch Challenges I have been entering, but I have other things that need to be done
Listening to Sabotage by the Beastie Boys from their Ill Communication release