Digital Thursday

Well, tomorrow the fam boards a jet plane and will be heading to sunny Atlanta! Then we will get on another plane and go to Phoenix, Arizona. Wifey is part of the planning committee associated with a big-ole-conference out there and Little Man and I will be coat-tailing it out there with her. My parents are going to head out there as well and make it more of a family vacation. We are packing tonight and will only be taking a few foodstuffs for the boy. The rest of his food will have to be purchased whilst in Arizona.

Anyway… I did not have anything “ready” for today’s Digital Thursday, so I whipped this up whilst at work.

I am not committing to posting anything whilst in Arizona, but if I get a moment, I will try.

To recap:
See you suckas later!
We will be staying here
In case anyone wants to come and chat
It is incredibly over-priced
We wouldn’t go there if it were not business
Have a great weekend everyone
And possibly have a great next week as well
Listening to Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai from Traveling without Moving