20 Questions Tuesday: 92 - Random 2

Here is the second installment of the 20 Questions Tuesday round of Awesome Randomness.

Thanks this week go to Allrileyedup, Dustin, Peefer, and the ever soooo pregnant Wifey.

To the questions:
1. Who do you think is the greatest rock guitarist of all time?
Hendrix is up there, of course, but I think you have to go back to Les Paul.

2. Why do people like Bon Jovi?
I have no idea. There is nothing that I can discern that should differentiate them from the myriad of other mediocre hair bands of that time. Why they made it and others didn’t is a doctoral dissertation waiting to happen.

3. Do you think the scene in Mr. Deeds with John McEnroe is funniest part of the movie?
Have not seen the movie. I am not a huge Sandler fan.

4. Is it mean spirited to shave hairy dogs down in the summer?
This is mean spirited… Shaving them in the winter and forcing them to wear sweaters would be mean-spirited.

5. If you had to choose between eating a glass of cooled bacon fat with a spoon or drinking a glass of spoiled milk, which would it be?
You had me at bacon… mmmmmpig

6. Why are curly haired individuals so much more superior to normal haired plebeians?
It is quite a burden, isn’t it? I would imagine it has something to do with the sparkling personalities that accompany naturally occurring curly hair.

7. Am I wrong to think that everything between New York City and Philadelphia is an industrial wasteland?
I am hard pressed to disagree with this sentiment. That area is pretty much a depressing bit of industrial blight. I am sure there are pockets of nice there, but they are small and filled with lint.

8. Crazy old dudes in Austria, wtf?
I know... I hear they eat babies...BABIES!

9. Assuming Web 2.0 is real, what will Web 3.0 look like?
Hopefully not Second Life… ewwwww

10. Why does a “kidney punch” sound so much more painful a normal punch? I mean, do kidneys even have nerve endings?
Kidney punches make you pee blood. Do I need to go into any more detail as to why it sounds more painful?

11. What is your favourite type of bread?

12. Do you remember ever peeing your pants?
Yes, regardless of my long memory of pissing myself, this is quite possibly the most random question I have gotten.

13. Water up your nose or sand in your mouth: what is worse? Please explain.
Water up the nose… at least it can have a cleansing side effect… that does not include the scouring power of sand.

14. What's the dumbest thing you dressed up as for Hallowe'en?

15. Highest and lowest places (on land) you've ever been? Any plans for higher and/or lower?
Highest is Mount Evans in Colorado at 14,264 ft (4347.667 m) and the lowest would be Oostende, Belgium at 13 ft. (3.96 m) that I know of. As far as plans? Elevation is rarely a consideration in traveling plans.

16. “Darn Barn!” Please explain.
Little Man has determined that this will be his new invective phrase. No more “Summmamabitch” or “GAWTDamnIT!” for him anymore. He is relying on Darn Barn to illustrate his frustration. When asked “why” he relates that it is due to the rhyming.

17. What was your reluctance to getting the new PC?
The old one hadn’t completely died yet. It is no longer in existence now though. I clearly had run it into the dirt, but it is difficult to get myself new toys.

18. Does your underwear match Little Man’s today?
Yes, in an attempt to ensure a dry night for Little Man I “bribed” him with similar underwear. We are both wearing red boxer briefs.

19. You are having Manwich tonight for dinner. Not really a question as much as fact
I am aware of this. It could be worse.

20. Realistically where do you want to go for your next vacation?
I was thinking that here are some strong possibilities associated with Canadia

To recap:
Last night was a rough one
The Duchess’s room is all painted
Furniture will migrate into there this weekend
Hopefully the office will be painted done today
Then we can move all the office furniture out of the Dining room and into the office
I still have lots to do to set up the new PC
Listening to The Octopus Project’s The Adjustor from One Ten Hundred Million