Four Things

Thing the First: The problem with buying a new computer is getting all the old shit onto the new computer. For someone, such as myself, who is somewhat tech savvy (not tech salve-y, that is just yucky) the process is moderately infuriating. I know just enough about computers and computer technology to completely mess some shit up, yo. The issue that will be tackled anon is the whole email accounts in outlook crap that needs to be taken care of. There is also the issue of migrating over my anti-virus and firewall stuff, and sadly, since the PC is my workhorse, it needs to take some priority away from other house projects currently underway.

Thing the Second: I took the broken chair back from our recliner/rocker/breast-feeding station to La Z Boy’s repair shop on Sunday. I got to the repair window that closes at 3 at 2:50. The man behind the window looked up at me clearly panick stricken. That’s right panic with a “k.” Do you feel the anxiety he was emoting. That is a “k” folks. It doesn’t get much more panicky than that. The panick stricken man stammered out, “But… but… but… everyone’s gone home for the day.” I guess I am tired and stressed because me response was less than compassionate.

Me: That’s not my problem.
Panicky: But… no one is here
Me: Listen, I don’t need this fixed right now, I just need to drop it off. You aren’t open on Sundays and I work during the week. I just now found out you closed at 3 and I am here before three. Take my information and have someone look at the chair Monday morning.
Panicky: Uh… ok, but..
Me: Listen, I have taken up enough of your time to chat about this and since you close in less than 10 minutes I imagine that you are pretty ready to call it a day. Thanks for your time, after I give you my information I will be going.
Panicky now writing down my contact information: uh… yeah.

Thing the Third: The painter is painting the Duchess’s room today as well as other places, but what I am getting at is that the room is no longer “the office” or “the computer room.” It is officially the Duchess’s. After the painting is accomplished, we have much furnituring to get done. The crib will need to be reassembled and we will need to have a dresser of some sort, for the little girl will have clothes. Many of which shall be small, pink, and frilly whether Wifey or I want them to be or not. That is the way of things. So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

Thing the Fourth: We are hoping the painting will not take too long and will be incredibly transformative. What we are really hoping is that the remodel will be done before the baby decides to show up. The OB is feeling pretty confident that we can make it 37/40ths of the way. That would be nice. According to the Dr 36 weeks is on Wednesday, and 37 would be the following week (because you clearly can’t add 1). So keep your fingers crossed that we make it until next Wednesday.

To recap:
Birthing class refresher courses should be just that refreshers for people who have had kids before
When the instructor asks who has had a kid before Wifey and I shouldn’t be the only ones to raise our hands
Waste of my frikkin time
I am sooo flipping tired
But there is sooo much more crap that needs un-crapping
Listening to Indian Reservation by The Raiders from Legend of Paul Revere
Love the organ at the end
That sounds slightly naughty