20 Questions Tuesday: 93 - A la The Hour

This week’s 20 Questions Tuiesday is submitted by themikestand from Speak into the Mike. Thanks Mike. I will let you take over since there is some ‘splaining to do.

As promised, here is your 20 Questions Tuesday topic, in the form of 2-20, a two minute interview format which has been popularized in Canada by George Stroumboulopoulos and his news show, The Hour.

You have two minutes to answer these questions (I won't time, so feel free to do so. Or not.You should probably give yourself five minutes, just because you have to type and all.) Don't feel the need to justify your answers. Elaborate when and if you see fit. How much easier could this get?!

1. Paper or Plastic?

2. Who would win in a fight? McCain or McDuck?
McDuck – better funded

3. New York or L.A?

4. Crocs, or clogs?

5. You've got $5 in your pocket and you're snackish. Do you buy chocolate, candy, or fast food?
Fast food

6. Disneyland/world or 4-Star-resort on the Mayan Riviera?
Disneyworld – Darn you kids and ruining my Mayan vacation

7. College or Trade School?

8. Foreign accents: Australian, or Indian (the subcontinent)?
Australian, mate

9. A $20 bill, two $10 bills, or four $5 bills?

10. Fashion: Shoes always match the belt, or always try to make sure you're wearing underwear?
Underwear, shoes can be a statement. Underwear is a necessity.

11. Curry: Awesome or Awful?

12. Sega or Nintendo?

13. Bumper stickers: Yea or Nay?

14. Apples, or Oranges?

15. DIY (do-it-yourself) or leave it up to the experts?

16. DVD Audio or Vinyl?
DVD Audio

17. Restaurants: Paper napkins and ketchup packets, or white tablecloths and snooty sommeliers?
Ketchup packets a go go

18. Speed limit, or 5 miles over?

19. Imperial or Metric?
Everyday Use: Imperial
More Common Sense: Metric

20. Which is easier: Blogging, or reading and commenting?
Reading and commenting

Good work!
You don't know that

To recap:
That was the quickest 20 Questions Tuesday evar!
Thanks Mike!
I will post pics when the kitchen is done
It will be nice for the kitchen to be done
I already have Thursday’s Digital Thursday done
Cleaning out a car seat tonight
Might be nice to have that done prior to going to the hospital
Tomorrow Wifey goes off of resting
Have I got a list for her to do
Listening to Angels and Airwaves’ Distraction from We Don’t Need to Whisper
It reminds me of this which makes me smile because it makes Little Man smile