I have absolutely nothing interesting to post today. So I will instead do a writing exercise. I of course would need to find a writing exercise to do and then, of course, do said writing exercise.

Hmmm…. Setting:

The swamp had all qualities that people come to associate with swamps. It was damp. It was dark. The din of insect wings and the chorus of frogs and birds was both a constant humming background noise and a persistent source of distraction. But swamps are not best described by sound and sight. Swamps are best described by smell and taste. It stank and it tasted like befouled mud. The stink was stronger than the taste, but that was only because I wasn’t actively mouthing the swamp. The taste was one of those unpleasant tastes when your environment permeates… invades your mouth and then just sits there like a rock, but the taste was mild compared to the smell. The smell of the fetid. The smell of decay. The smell of … of… environmental ambivalence. This was a place that did not care if I were alive or dead. It was a place that would find just as much if not more use for me being dead as it would for me being alive. That is what I could taste. That is what I could smell. That is what I heard. That is what I saw. This ambivalence to my existence is why it was so surprising to see a cozy stone cottage with wisps of smoke rising from its chimney.

To recap:
Nordstrom’s has great customer service
Little Man has some new shoes
The remodel might be about done
I still have a laundry list of things to get done
And there is a laundry list of things after the first list
That is the way of “to-do” lists
They never truly get “to-done”
Not listening to anything at the moment
I am watching three MatchTrackers for the England / US friendly being played right now at Wembly
England is up 1 to nil at half