Happy Birthday

Today is Wifey’s birthday. If she wants anyone to know her age; she can tell you. I am not stepping into that pit.

So to my wife whom I love dearly:

Happy Birthday Dear One

Notice I did not type “Happy Birthday Deer One.” That would be Cernunnos the hunt master of the Wild Hunt. The antlered god collecting lost souls and wayward forest travelers in his endless hunt for the white stag of life. Relentlessly pushing his Wild Hunt to pursue the albine hart until all mortal recollection of a previous ephemeral existence is obliterated by the need to endlessly pursue. All matters mortal lost to the forced hunt. But that would be foolish to wish an endless one a happy birthday for Cernunnos has no birth or death, only pursuit. Eternal following has no beginning or end, Cernunnos was not begat on the 7th of May. Cernunnos hunts. Cernunnos hunted. Cernunnos will hunt.

Of course the Wild Hunt should not be confused with Ghost Riders in the Sky, for whilst the Ghost Riders will entrance wayward cowboys into their endless cattle drive across the sky, the Wild Hunt travels along the ground and not through the clouds. I can understand why one might make that mistake.

Ummm… anyway. Happy Birthday, Wifey. I wish you many more

To recap:
I still need to find a way to see Iron Man
Transcription from this morning:
Me: Gimme a hug and kiss before I go to work
Little Man: OK!
/hug /kiss
Me: You be good today, have a good day, Punkin
LM: Have a good day, Snakey
Me: ….?
Soooo much to do with sooo little time
Listening to Blur’s Song 2 their self titled album Blur