20 Questions Tuesday: 94 - Impending Arrival

So this evening, Wifey will be induced to bring about the birth of our soon to be baby girl. There are many things about today that are a bit bittersweet. It is the last day of our family being the trio of Little Man, Wifey and SRH. There is some sadness associated with that. Now, I will not be unconsciously focusing solely on my little boy.

Tomorrow my attention (both conscious and unconscious {“unconscious attention?” WTF, SRH? [shut up, you! How did you get in my parenthetical asides anyway?{your love of words has cost you dearly this time, SRH… [that doesn’t even make sense. We should get back to the thought at hand, agreed? {agreed.}]}]}) will need to be split. That makes me somewhat sad.

Anyway… today’s topic will be about the impending arrival. Thanks this week go to ACW, Lord Pithy, Belsum, Lsig, JACoppinger, allrileyedup, Capt. McArmypants, Sparky, Dustin, DR B-Dawg, and Jay. I would also like to thank Peefer, Karen, tree-monkey, and atmikha for their well wishes.

On to the questions:
1. Pitocin - a godsend or a taste of hell on earth?
Pitocin is quite possibly derived from the tears of an infected and slowly dying daemon. Pitocin is a fire. It consumes without mercy. It conflagrates whatever is near. It is made of the molten pitch known as hate and is meant to cause as much pain and suffering as the daemon could hope to wreck in its fleeting immortal existence

2. Any favorite music in the hospital bag?
I am not sure. Wifey picked out a playlist, but I do not know what she picked. From what I have gleaned over many a conversation, the Duchess will most likely not be brought into this world to the dulcet tones of one Ani DiFranco, because Wifey is not calm whilst listening to Ani.

3. May I have her? If "no," may I name her? If "no," may I babysit her? If "no," may I help deliver her? If "no," have I blown all chances of visiting her?
No. No. No. No. Maybe

4. Did you have another baby shower?

5. Does Little Man have to share a room with his sister?
To sleep in? No. But he will have to share all the communal rooms

6. Does Wifey have a Birth Plan?
Once pitocin is involved, birth plans go out the window.

7. Do you really think you are ready for this?
Hell to the No

8. Will you get up for night feedings even if . . . well, if YOU are not needed?
I will be needed. I will need to. I will find ways to be helpful. There is always use of a partner during the fist weeks of late night feedings.

9. Have you calculated how many pots of coffee you’ll need to make it through the first week?
I am a Mountain Dew man. I believe I will need to rent a fountain drink dispenser.

10. What outfit does Wifey have packed to wear at the hospital post birth?
She has two different things. One is a night gown, and the other is a pajama set. One is better for when the doctors and nurses want to check on her hoo-ha, the other seems more conducive to breast feeding.

11. Be honest - have you made fun of those weird netted underpants that they give to all the moms in the hospital?
Those things look funny as hell, but when new mom says they are the most comfortable ever, there has to be something to that.

12. So will you be calling this child by her middle name or her first name?
Maybe first only or a combo of the two. We really do not know yet.

13. So do you intend to sleep at work from now on or just fall over dead in a few years from exhaustion?
Is there a combination of the two?

14. What aspect of having a baby in the house again are you looking forward to the most?
The cuddles. How a small babe will just melt into you.

15. What songs do you think you'll sing to baby? What songs do you think Little Man might sing to baby?
Hmmm, I am not sure I will sing any particular song, but Little Man will most likely sing some songs from Wow Wow Wubbzy, or Yo Gabba Gabba.

16. Baby’s room color: pink, blue, or the gender neutral color of sea foam green?
I did not realize that sea foam green was gender neutral. Especially, since it is typically paired with dusty rose. Ah, 1986 we do miss you

17. New baby is more or less conducive to blogging?
Way less. Any added responsibility will adversely affect my blogging availability. After I get into a good routine, I might need to re-evaluate this 4 times a week blogging thing.

18. Will the Duchess arrive in a carriage with horses?

Wifey hates that this thought is even out in the universe

19. When you've been carrying around another human being in your belly for 9 months, is "induced" the best word?
“Induced” is better than “extracted”

20. Any ideas about whose personality she will be influenced by? (yours?/ Wifey's?/ Little Man's)
All three with a good mix of her own genetics.

To recap:
Tomorrow’s post will hopefully just be stats and a pic
The hospital has free wi-fi so at least I will be able to surf the net
Oh, here is our new bathroom

Oh, yeah, I’m so getting my J on
Listening to Be Happy from that YouTube vid I linked in Question 15