So the baby gods have all weighed in and it has been determined that tomorrow evening Wifey will be receiving liquid hell via an I.V. in the form of pitocin. Therefore the idea is that the baby girl referred to colloquially as “the Duchess” shall grace us with her presence hopefully late Tuesday evening or Wednesday. Wifey will rip someone’s intestines out from their nose if it goes beyond Wednesday. One cannot endure the Hell on Earth that is pitocin for more that long without some sacrifices.

Anyway… This has meant that a boat load of cleaning has been going on in Casa Del SRH. So far we have been working our way from the new kitchen into towards the stairway. It is a clockwise rotation that has left us with only 3 rooms left to be cleaned and a few sundry tasks to be accomplished. I am positive that if Wifey were to be induced on Friday we would be completely finished with said tasks, Alas Tuesday is 3 days removed from Friday and therefore a much curtailed list of “To Do” items has been created. The things that have been removed primarily are associated with my level of hygiene.

Tomorrow I will snap some pictures of the new addition and remodel so we can look at the befores and afters associated with this partial house remodel. Maybe that will happen next week. Maybe not. Many things are up in the air. Deal with it.

To recap:
Man, I gots to peeee
Not like Wifey though
She has to pee all the time
The Duchess is fond of bouncing her head on mama’s bladder
Wifey is fond of washing her dry, cracked hands after peeing
Went to a park this weekend and let Little Man ride his bike
He had a blast
Listening to the clock ticking as moments become second to become minutes to become hours
Reminding me of how much time I am not making things ready at home