3 Things

Three things to chat about today:

Thing the First: This weekend was a blast. Little Man was out of his mind excited on Friday when the family party happened and the first round of gifts were dolled out. He went out of his Little Man mind when it was time for his kid-attended (young children, not baby goats) birthday party. That kind of enthusiasm and zest for life is nothing if not infectious.

Unfortunately for me, this enthusiasm by proxy has hit the wall called “work.” My blue skies have turned grey, and my bright-eyed wonder and awe at this journey we call “life” has given way to the dull monotony of a bleak existence in a world of grey fabric clad cubes.

Thing the Second: My brother, nephew, and mom will be in town this week. It seems that the younger nephew will be doing something at the State Fair (which is about 2 miles away the hoose) and they will be there to cheer him on. This means that 1, my brother is safely back stateside from his tour in Iraq, and that 2, I really need to clean the house up tonight. Not to mention that I will be interacting with my mom much sooner than I wanted to after last visit. Oh, well. You can’t choose family, and Fate hates me.

Thing the Third: 3 weeks ago the Kidney Foundation called to see if we had any donations (not kidneys, although this would be a much more interesting story if that were the case) for their re-sale shop. We can always find some clothes to send there way, so we said, “Yes.” 2 weeks ago we went through all of Little Man’s clothes and separated the keepsakes from the “mere clothing.” Yesterday we got a reminder call from the Kidney Foundation about placing our donations on the porch (not our kidneys) for pick up this morning starting at 8 a.m. Last night Wifey and I talked about getting the bags of clothes on the porch.

This morning as I was showering ("Cleanliness is next to godliness", I always say) Wifey yells up to me at 8:38 a.m. that we forgot to put the Kidney Foundation donations (not our kidneys) on the porch. This would not be such a bad thing except that the last time the Kidney Foundation was looking for donations (not kidneys) we completely spaced out on putting them on the porch as well. By 8:43 a.m. the seven bags were on the porch and clearly labeled.

There were seven bags of clothes on my porch this morning. Now they are gone.

To recap:
It is time for me to start making time to exercise
And digitally paint
And draw more
Wait, I am now running out of time
A new TRON in 2010?
But why are they calling it TR2N?
Oh, God, if you are listening, please to make the new TRON not ruin the old TRON
Not like what you did with Highlander 2, Highlander 3, Highlander 4, and Highlander 5
Who am I kidding? It’s gonna suck
And not suck in that good way either
They call me the bus, cause I am taking you to school
20 Questions Tuesday: 101 – Intro to 20 Questions tomorrow
Listening to Super Rad by the Aquabats!