Digital Thursday

I have always loved me some Doctor Doom. This is a Doom drawn and inked by Jason Baroody from Ten Ton Studios. So far all I have done is filled in the “flats” for this Doom. That is, these are the base colors for the image without any shading or textures thrown on. I figured since Doom is the monarch of a fictitious European city-state, his country’s flag is most likely red, white, and blue in some combination. He just happens to be fond of the color green. Kind of the like the Dutch flag is blue, white, and red, but the Dutch garb themselves in orange. There is method to my madness. It is poorly thought-out and in-expertly applied effort, but effort nonetheless.

Anyhoo… here is Baroody’s Doom all flatted out nice-like.

Eventually I will do 2 versions of this piece. The first will be a mint condition Doom where his armor is shiny and his palace is well lit. The second will involve rust and the word “dank.” The next few weeks’ Digital Thursdays will probably revolve around DOOOOOOM!!!

To recap:
“Nonetheless” is not used nearly enough
Wifey misplaced her phone
I hopefully G-Ma D and G-Pa R have found it
I will pick it up on the way home
I also need to buy gas for my nearly empty car as well
umm.. DOOOOM!!!
I have a huge knot in my right shoulder
It is bothersome
Listening to Cake’s version of I Will Survive off of Fashion Nugget
Have a great weekend everyone