Just a recap today. No post to speak of

To recap:
Little Man can read the word “off”
We are golden if we can just get him to spell F-U-C… oh, you get the idea
The problem with hippos is…
Not their over aggressive nature
Not their poor eyesight
No, Princess Leia, not their easily recognizable foul stench
Not even their ability to defecate at Will
Poor poor poo covered Will
It is their monumental sense of entitlement
You aren’t all that and a bag of chips, Hippo
Uppity hippos and their “holier than thou-ness”
One would think that more sleep over the weekend would help
One would be incorrect
MORE sleep just reminds the body of what it has not been getting regularly
I have 59 icons on my work computer’s desktop
I think I need to clean that up a bit
A little spring cleaning and now I am at 17 icons
Turns out that Little Man is well motivated by greed
We made an accomplishment chart for him
Now all he seems to be doing is accomplishing
Q is doing well… um... as well?
Sometimes me no wordify good
I just ate a boatload of paella
Oddly that is whatI had for dinner last night
That is one of the issues of re-heating food at work
You end up having very similar (if not the same) meals in rapid succession
I am hungry again already
I am ashamed that I started this recap before lunch and will not be posting it until 2 pm-ish
20 Questions Tuesday will be rather interesting tomorrow
Oddly, I will have very little to do with it
So tune in tomorrow
Honestly, this is a bit pitiful
I have no topic for today
Wifey has all-topic-ed up tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday
I am showing the movement I have made on the pic for Digital Thursday
Anyone want to tell me what to write about for Wednesday?
Listening to Wake Up by Arcade Fire off of Funeral