Just a Recap

Due to stress levels and lack of sleep there will just be a recap today. Hey, it is not like you guys pay to read this.

To recap:
Next WiP for the Doom pic tomorrow
Doom is now shiny
You will have to wait until tomorrow to see the changes
Deal with it
I should drink more water
So should you
Wifey is leaning into the box and taking one for the team today
My brother, mom, and nephew are visiting this afternoon, and I will not be there
I imagine the filters might be removed
That wouldn’t be pretty for anyone involved
Oddly, my brother was more animated than I have ever seen him
If he were this engaging all the time, it would not be too big a deal to see him more often
Usually it is like pulling teeth to get him to interact
Listening to Mahna Mahna by Cake off of Rarities and B-Sides
I love the Muppets
Sleep is an elusive prey
It doesn’t help that my sleep hunting skills seem to erode as I get more stressed
More stress leads to less sleep
Less sleep leads to more stress
More stress leads to less sleep
It is definitely a positive feedback loop
Where the building positive feedback is not positive at all
Unless dealing with a sleep deprived and over stressed SRH is your idea of positive
Listening to Here It Goes Again by OK Go off of Oh No
Little Man loves the game Blockus
G-Ma D and G-Pa R gave him the game for his birthday
When he has noty been asleep, eating, or playing trains he has either been playing Blockus, or complaining that he isn’t playing Blockus
There is definitely something nice about the game
Wifey and I have 7 picture frames that desperately need 7 pictures
It would help our bedroom look so much better
That and putting the clean clothes away
Hey, our house looks amazingly nice considering that we have an 8 week old baby
My feet hurt
They shouldn’t
I need to do something about that
Listening to Sour Girl by Stone Temple Pilots off of No. 4
Luckily my head isn’t hurting like it was last night
I mentioned that we met up with my mom and brother for dinner last night, right?
Causal relationship?
I think so
Even though the dinner went fine
It was still dinner with my mom and brother
Listening to the Peter Gunn Theme from the Blues Brothers Soundtrack