Digital Thursday

Well, I did not get as much accomplished on the Dr Doom pic as I would have liked this week. Basically I made the time to work on it Saturday evening and Sunday evening expecting that I could continue down that path the remainder of the week and punch out the rest of the pic to unveil the piece in all its glory for today’s Digital Thursday.

Alas and alack, that was not to be. Sunday evening was the last I touched this. All I have left is some extreme foreground stuff that will look absolutely killer and to do the back ground. For Doom’s armor I decided to go with a brushed nickel/metallic satin kind of finish. I think it works really well in some areas, but only marginally well in others. Take a look.

Overall I am happy with what has been done, but I am un-impressed so far with my effort and speed.

I also have attached a Work in Progress piece to recap the steps I have done. I would say that the stage I am at currently has taken a total of 6 dedicated hours to accomplish. If all goes well, with 2 more hours work it will be done, and then I can start working on the companion piece to this one where I change the aesthetic from a clean and shiny one to a of decrepit surroundings and rusty armor. That’s right folk…. More Doom Digital Thursdays.

It could be worse… I am not sure why, but I know it could be worse.

To recap:
I know I am late on the bandwagon here, but…
You must see Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
It is what the Internets was meant for
Quite possibly the best thing I have seen online in a long long time
Wifey, don’t worry, I will download it from iTunes so you can watch it
Meatloaf tonight
Not the singer
Oh, God! Not the singer
I am actually looking forward to it
Listening to Pink’s Get this Party Started
Have a great weekend everyone