Three Things

Three things came to mind today whilst attempting to find a stand alone topic for today’s post.

Thing the First:

While cost effective and more healthy, the problem with bringing one’s lunch to work is that there is no longer a potential of getting significantly the heck out of the building until the day is done. Granted the rice and pork loin meal I had today was markedly better for me than, say, a Big Mac, I ate at my desk looking at the same mess and even working a bit through lunch. What up wit dat?

Thing the Second:

There are things not to say to your youngest son, even if he is grown with 2 kids of his own. One of those things is “I always wanted a really frilly girl, but God new I would be disappointed when my girl turned out to be not frilly, so he gave me 2 boys instead.”

Number 1: I am not completely sure what exactly that means
Number 2: I am not even going to get into Number 2 here. This is the wrong forum and I don’t write about that stuff here.

Thing the Third:

USA’s Burn Notice is a fun show, but honestly, I would watch anything on TV with Bruce Campbell in it.

To recap:
I need to focus more on things that I find fulfilling and enjoyable
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be about Family
I need a goodly amount of sleep
I also need to pay bills and do the checkbook
I would like to get something going for Digital Thursday soon as well
I am hungry already
Looks like some more chips from the vending machines
Mmmmm chips
Let's go Crew!
I have finally brought my iPod dock back to work
I have been listening to everything on that poor electronic device
Cream and Bastards Rise by Harvey Danger
Super Rad by the Aquabats!
Don’t Make Me a Target by Spoon
Chaos by Mute Math
Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill